Cotton vs Bamboo Sheets – which is best?

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The level of comfort your sheets can provide you with is important and essential to a good night’s sleep. Understanding the materials that go into your sheets and how they can help you achieve better quality sleep is equally essential in choosing the best fit to match your own personal preferences. 

Before choosing your next set of bed sheets, consider some of the following differences between bamboo and cotton sheets. 

Bamboo Sheets

Bamboo sheets

The popularity of bamboo sheets has been on the rise because of the numerous benefits they can provide you with in helping to achieve a great night of sleep. 

They are naturally antimicrobial and moisture absorbing which helps promote cleanliness. They can be great at regulating temperature while keeping you warm in the colder months and cool in the hotter months. They’re also much softer than other common materials, like cotton or linen.

Bamboo sheets can be made out of a few different materials, all uniquely providing a number of different benefits.

1. Bamboo Rayon (Viscose) – Most bamboo sheets on the market are made out of Viscose, which is the same thing as bamboo rayon. 

This is a semi-synthetic fiber that can be produced through a number of different processes. These processes have raised some eyebrows regarding how they may negatively impact the environment due to the use of chemicals. Some people worry about how the disposal of these materials can affect nature. 

If you choose bamboo sheets made of viscose, be sure to check the manufacturer’s practices and consider choosing one that is more environmentally conscious.

2. Bamboo Lyocell – This process of creating bamboo sheets is much more environmentally conscious but not as popular yet. This material is much more contemporary and less hazardous as doesn’t involve the use of harsh chemicals. 

To produce bamboo Lyocell sheets, raw bamboo is dissolved with safe and chemical free solvents, which allow the materials to be recycled and reused without any worry of hazardous damage. 

Lyocell is a stronger material than rayon, meaning these sheets can provide durability and longevity with little wear and tear. 

A popular variety of sheet is made under the brand name “Tencel”, which is made from a combination of eucalyptus pulp and Lyocell.

Cotton Sheets

The quality of cotton sheets depends on the type of cotton that is used. There are a number of different kinds of cotton that range from soft and luxurious to more generic and basic. 

Depending on the type you prefer, each provides a different comfort level and are sold at a variety of price points. Cotton sheets range from flannel to Supima cotton and everything in between.

Flannel, jersey knit, or percale cotton sheets are typically more cost effective because they tend to have a lower thread count. They also use a lower grade of cotton which makes them less durable and more likely to lose their “softness” over a quicker period of time. 

With that being said, these kinds of sheets are great at trapping and keeping in warmth for the colder months.

More upscale types of cotton like Egyptian, Pima, and Supima cotton are typically more expensive and come in a higher thread count. 

The higher the thread count the higher the quality which is why these types of cotton are more expensive because they are much more likely to last. They can also provide a higher level of comfort because sheets that have, for example, a 1,000 thread count as opposed to a 500-thread count are going to be much more comfortable and softer on your skin. 

Average thread counts commonly range between 200-800 and luxurious brands sell sheets with 1,000 thread count and higher.

Which Kind of Sheet Is Better?

While bamboo sheets have the ability to be more versatile in what they can offer, regarding temperature regulation, moisture absorption, and antimicrobial traits, it all comes down to you and your personal preferences. 

Cotton sheets come in a variety of styles that can be more specialised based on your needs, but if you’re searching for a set of bed sheets to meet your general needs despite the season or environment, bamboo sheets could be an overall better pick.

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