Munchbox vs Yumbox: Bento Box Reviews

Compartment lunch boxes, also known as bento boxes, are extremely popular thanks to their convenience, ease of use and leak-proof design. They are ideal for school kids and they help parents separate snacks and portion food out for their little ones. Munchbox and Yumbox are two of the leading brands of Bento style lunch boxes. These lunch boxes are kid-friendly, come in bright colours and are reusable. We love them and it’s no wonder their popularity has been increasing over … Read more

The Best Dinner Sets In Australia for 2024

Best Dinner Set

Are you ready to instantly class up your meals? A premium set of matching dishes can be the perfect solution for taking your meals to a whole new level. Dinnerware sets come in a range of styles, materials, colours, shapes, and brands. These sets may include matching bowls, plates, cups, and more. Since there are so many different dinner sets to choose from, we’ve created this list to help you narrow down your options. Below are some of our favourite … Read more

The Best Kitchen Bins In Australia for 2024

Best Kitchen Bin

It’s time to talk trash! Bins, that is. Many people overlook the importance of owning a quality kitchen bin. However, you may be interested to learn that your kitchen waste receptacle is probably one of the most frequently used items in your home! As such, getting the best possible kitchen is a smart investment that can dramatically simplify your daily life.  The best kitchen bins will be large enough for your household, user-friendly, durable, and aesthetically appealing. With so many … Read more

The Best Induction Cookware In Australia for 2024

Best Induction cookware

Induction technology is fast, safe and energy-efficient. However, cooking on an induction cooktop requires induction compatible cookware. Pots and pans that are not made from magnetic materials will not heat up on an induction hob. This means a good quality set of induction cookware is a kitchen essential. To help you in your search, we’ve reviewed some of the best induction cookware available so you can get the most out of your induction cooktop. 1. Tefal Ingenio Preference Stainless Steel … Read more

The Best Ceramic Cooktop In Australia for 2024

Best Ceramic cooktop

Ceramic cooktops are a popular choice for many modern kitchens. As the surface of a ceramic hob is smooth they are sleek, easy to clean and look fantastic. They are also quick to heat up, affordable and there are options to suit kitchens of all sizes and styles. To make choosing a new cooktop easier, we’ve reviewed the best ceramic cooktops in Australia. 1. Omega 60cm Ceramic Cooktop (Top Pick) This black Ceramic Cooktop from Omega is smart, sophisticated and … Read more

The Best Stovetop Pressure Cooker In Australia

Best stovetop pressure cooker

Stovetop pressure cookers are fast, efficient, and powerful cookware devices that can be used to craft a multitude of meals and side dishes. These sturdy stove-powered pots implement pressurized steam to quickly and effectively cook a variety of food ingredients. Below, we’ve put together a list of the absolute best stovetop pressure cookers available in Australia. That way, you can spend less time scouring the internet and more time whipping up delicious dinners. 1. Tefal Secure 5 Neo Stovetop Pressure … Read more

The Best Smoothie Blender In Australia for 2024

Best smoothie blender

If you want to easily blend up bananas or shred strawberries, a quality smoothie blender is a must. Smoothie blenders can be used to make healthy blended beverages like green or superfood smoothies but they also have a range of other uses. To make smoothies and frozen beverages, you’ll want to pick a blender that has a powerful motor and enough processing capability to pulverize ice. Variable speed settings are also important, as they allow you to smooth, stir, liquefy, … Read more

Global vs Wusthof: Kitchen Knife Reviews

Well-balanced with a full-tang and traditional design. Modern and lightweight with a stainless steel handle. Global and Wusthof both produce some of the best kitchen knives in the world. These two brands have excellent reputations for producing sharp, long-lasting knives that look and feel great. Whether you need a single paring knife or a full set of knives Global and Wusthof both offer a full range of options. Choosing between these two premium brands can be a challenge. If you’re … Read more

Le Creuset vs Chasseur: Best Dutch Oven

If you are in the market for a french oven, dutch oven or casserole dish then you are bound to have come across products from Le Creuset and Chasseur. Both brands specialise in enamelled cast iron pots and make premium cookware. On first glance, there seems to be little difference between them with clear similarities in the basic shape and features of their french ovens. Choosing between them requires a closer look and this guide will help you figure out … Read more

The Best Egg Poacher In Australia for 2024

Best Egg Poacher

Good poached eggs are soft, creamy, shell-free, and mouthwatering. However, they’re not exactly easy to make. If you’ve ever poached an egg in a saucepan before, then you understand why egg poachers were invented in the first place. Egg poachers work to eliminate these problems, saving you time and letting you skip the hassle. With so many seemingly impressive products out there, finding the best egg poacher for your kitchen can be a task in and of itself. That’s why … Read more