The Best Sprinkler in Australia [2020 Reviews]

A sprinkler system is a convenient way to care for your lawn and garden while also saving time, energy and water. Sprinklers can help make sure your plants are carefully watered even when you’re busy or out of town. There are lots of garden and lawn sprinklers to choose from depending on your needs, and making sense of the options can be confusing. Check out the reviews and buyers guide below to help you find the best sprinkler for your … Read more

The Best Solar Lights For Your Garden [2020 Guide]

Solar lights are a great way to save on electricity, reduce wiring in the garden and enjoy outside lighting with minimal effort and fuss. They are affordable, easy to use and look great. With lots of styles and options available, the reviews and buying guide below will help you find the best solar lights for your garden. 1. MINI 50X Twin Solar-Powered Cast Aluminium LED Garden Lights (Top Pick) When it comes to solar garden lights, the MINI 50X twin … Read more

The Best Meat Thermometer In Australia: Weber IGrill, Inkbird

Best Meat Thermometer

If you want to cook the best meat you’ve ever eaten then you need a good meat thermometer. It’s the only way to cook a perfect steak consistently or roast a chicken to perfection. If you aren’t sure where to start, we’re here to help. In this article we list our favourite models and tell you what to look for when choosing. Here are the best meat thermometers in Australia: 1. Weber iGrill 2 Meat Thermometer (Top Pick) The iGrill … Read more

Gerni vs Karcher Pressure Washers: A Side-By-Side Comparison

Gerni and Karcher are two of the most popular brands of pressure washers in Australia. They are targeted at households who want them for the occasional common domestic task who don’t want to invest in a more powerful and expensive commercial unit. To help you make an informed decision, we’ve compared four of the most popular models from Gerni and Karcher side by side, as well as discussing some of the pros and cons of each brand. Brand Gerni Karcher … Read more

When to Mow a New Lawn (Australian Guide)

Newly laid lawns need to be kept moist and free from foot traffic until they are well established. Basic lawn care such as applying sufficient water and good fertiliser is essential in the beginning. Once your lawn has settled its roots, you can start mowing and shaping it to your liking.     How long before you can walk on it?  For turf, it will need to grow for two to three weeks before you can start walking on it. It … Read more

Black Spots on Roses – What it Means and How to Treat

Black spot is a common fungal disease found on roses that causes the leaves to yellow, and then eventually fall off the plant completely. Black spot, which has a Latin name of Diplocarpon rosae, can cause the roses in your garden to look ugly, but unfortunately the effects of the disease run deeper than aesthetics. Over time, they can weaken the plant quite dramatically. When Is Black Spot Most Active? Black spot can occur at any time, but it loves … Read more

The Best BBQ In Australia: Weber, Everdure

Ultimate Griller

What’s better than chargrilled meat straight off the barbecue? You just can’t beat it, an afternoon in the sun with delicious food sizzling away on the barbecue and your family and friends around. A barbecue is the kind of product that is built to last; when you find a good one you won’t need to go barbecue shopping again for another 5-15 years! That’s why finding the best BBQ that offers all the features you need is so important. We’ve … Read more

The Best Hedge Trimmer In Australia: Stihl, Bosch

Perfect Trimmer

A good hedge trimmer makes tidying up the yard a pleasure, but with all the models available it can be difficult to find the right one for your specific needs. In this article we’ve outlined the five best models on the market in Australia, followed by a brief buyer’s guide to help you decide. 1. STIHL HSE 61 500W Electric Hedge Trimmer (Top Pick) The Stihl HSE 61 is an electric hedge trimmer with a cord that goes for the … Read more

When to Aerate Your Lawn: A Beginners Guide

A luscious, beautiful lawn is an asset to the whole family, providing the perfect setting for backyard sports, picnics and relaxation. Aesthetically, an attractive lawn also enhances the garden, particularly if you’ve put a lot of effort into landscaping. In order to maintain your grass it is important to apply plenty of lawn care, including aerating it at the right time. If you’re unsure on how to do this, here’s the why, when and how to get help you maintain … Read more

How to Clean a Stainless Steel BBQ

Everyone loves a barbecue. To keep yours running smoothly, you will have to give it a clean from time to time. Here are some tips to get you started.  Clean grates with foil  The easiest way to keep your barbeque grate clean is to do it straight after using it. Let the grate cool down a little bit, so you don’t burn yourself, and then scrub it before the food and grease have time to harden.   Take a large piece … Read more