The Best Lawn Edger In Australia For 2023

Lawn edgers let you keep the edges of your lawn or nature strip looking clean, manicured, and orderly. They roll along the edge of your lawn or garden to keep the grass from growing over your sidewalk, garden bed, walking path, or driveway. Whether your yard is small or large, using an edger can be a great way to frame and maintain its appearance. The best lawn edger will be of high quality, designed for easy and efficient operation, and … Read more

The Best Hand Saw In Australia For 2023

Best Hand Saw

A hand saw is a great addition to any workshop or tool kit. They are an ideal hand tool for making precision cuts and can be used for a variety of tasks. Whether you are a professional or an at-home DIYer, a hand saw is perfect for cutting wood and plastic down to size. There are lots of different choices and not all saws are equal in quality or ability so finding one that best suits your use and budget … Read more

The Best Folding And Pruning Saws In Australia For 2023

A pruning saw is one of the most popular gardening hand tools. These hand saws make light work of removing branches that are within or just out of arms reach. A quality pruning saw can be a gardener’s best friend, helping to get rid of dead or diseased wood, shape plants or even remove plants entirely. Below are some of Australia’s best pruning saws as well as a buyers guide to help you find a pruning saw to suit your … Read more

The Best Pop Up Sprinklers In Australia: Hunter, Rainbird

Best Pop Up Sprinkler

If you’re looking for the best way to water your lawn and garden without the eyesore of a massive sprinkler system, a pop-up sprinkler system is for you! These small sprinkler heads are placed unobtrusively in your lawn or garden and pop up only when needed. You can also get many types that feature timers so you can set and forget them. Keep reading to take a look at our review of the 6 best pop up sprinkler systems in … Read more

The Best Weed Killer In Australia: Slasher, Hortico

Best Weed Killer

If you’re wrestling with stubborn weeds, it can be tempting to grab the first weed killer you see. But not all weed killers are created equal! To kill weeds for good, you need a high-quality product with a proven track record. Today, we’re going to cover some of the best weed and grass killer products on the market. We’ll also talk about some options for people who want to steer clear of chemicals and herbicides. Below, the top 9 best … Read more

The Best Outdoor Heater in Australia: Patio Heater Reviews

Best Outdoor Heater

If you have a beautiful outdoor space, then you will want to use it even as the weather gets cold. One of the best and most popular ways to increase the versatility of an outdoor patio area is by purchasing an outdoor heater. Most patio heaters can be powered by either gas or electricity and are a great way to have an entertaining area that is usable year-round. There are a ton of outdoor heating options on the market today. … Read more

The Best Robotic Pool Cleaner In Australia For 2023

Best Robotic Pool cleaner

Having a pool is great but keeping it clean all the time can be a pain. The last thing you want to see when you’re about to go for a refreshing dip is a build-up of dirt or algae. Fortunately, robotic pool cleaners take all of the time and effort out of keeping the pool clean. You simply need to turn the cleaner on and it filters and scrubs the pool so you don’t have to worry about it. In … Read more

The Best Charcoal BBQ In Australia For 2023

Who doesn’t love a good barbecue? There’s no better way to spend the afternoon than spending time with friends and family while cooking delicious food on the grill. Charcoal grills offer great control over cooking and give food that authentic charcoal-grilled flavour. The best charcoal barbecues are easy to use, offer high-quality cooking performance and are low maintenance. The reviews and buyer’s guide below will help you narrow down the choice so you can find the best charcoal BBQ for … Read more

The Best Pool Pump In Australia For 2023


The best pool pump is reliable, efficient and easy to use. It is a vital part of your pool system as it pulls water from the pool and into the filtration system so you can always enjoy clean, clear water. With so many pool pumps on the market, choosing one can be a tough task. The reviews and buyer’s guide below should help highlight the key features to look out for. 1. Onga Leisuretime 1.0HP Pool Pump (Top Pick) The … Read more

The Best Garden Hose In Australia For 2023: Hoselink

Best Garden Hose

A quality garden hose will make tending to the garden easy and hassle free. Not all hoses are the same; cheap, poor quality hoses are prone to kink, break and leak water whereas high quality options are durable, UV and abrasion resistant and built to last. Below is a review of the best hoses available and a garden hose buying guide to help you choose the right one for your garden. Here are the best hoses in Australia: 1. Hoselink … Read more