When to Prune Lemon Trees in Australia

If you have worked hard growing some beautiful lemon trees for fresh, delicious citrus to use in your kitchen, you’re probably wondering when the best time to prune is. You don’t want to have spent all that time and effort nurturing strong, healthy citrus trees only to start removing the branches at the wrong time. To help you get the most yield from your lemon trees while also keeping them healthy and strong, here are some handy Q&A’s: Lemon Tree … Read more

When to Harvest Garlic in Australia

If you have nurtured a garlic plant through the various climates in Australia that make it easy to grow fantastic garlic, you probably want to know the best time to harvest. Here are answers to some common questions around harvesting garlic in Australia. Hopefully you’re already feeling much more confident about your plant cultivation after reading our handy Q&A’s. Soon enough you’ll be growing and harvesting gorgeous food to use in delicious recipes for the family all year round.

The Best Compost Bin in Australia for 2024

how to make a compost bin from a plastic dustbin

Compost Bins can be the best way to ‘do your bit’ and turn your food waste into nutrient-rich soil. However, with so many varied options on the market, it’s easy to get confused about which products are great and which are not so great. In this article we discuss 6 of the best compost bins on the market in Australia. After our compost bin reviews, we list the key things you’ll want to watch out for when choosing one to ensure … Read more

The Best Secateurs in Australia: Gonicc, Bosch

Secateurs can be the best way to maintain a variety of plants within your garden and keep them looking beautiful. However, with so many options on the market, it can be hard to find the product that is right for you. In this article we break down everything from blade sharpness to durability to help you find the Secateurs that best meet your specific needs. 1. Gonicc 8″ Professional Sharp Bypass Pruning Shears (Top Pick) The Gonicc pruning shears are … Read more

The Best Hedge Plants in Australia [INFOGRAPHIC]

If you’re trying to decide on the best hedge for your garden, you’ve come to the right place. The infographic below provides a summary of the most popular hedge plants in Australia, along with some of their main pros and cons. For further information, be sure to check out the resources listed below. Images from www.gardenhedge.com.au For more information check out: www.gardenhedge.com.au www.screenhedgeplants.com.au www.burkesbackyard.com.au