Buckwheat Pillows – Everything You Need to Know

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Buckwheat pillows, of Japanese origin, are one of the latest healthy lifestyle trends growing in popularity around the globe. Read below for everything you need to know about them and how can they help you get a good night’s sleep, which is something we all deserve. 

What are buckwheat pillows?

Originally Japanese, these neck pillows, also known as Sobakawa, are made entirely out of natural materials. Their biggest benefit is the fact that they are able to adapt to the shape of your body. In addition to providing you with a well-rested night, these pillows are reported to eliminate, or at least decrease back and neck pain. This is why they are also known as neck pillows. 

What are buckwheat pillows made of?

Historically, buckwheat originates in Asia, although these days it can be found on almost every continent. This Japanese grain is actually a fruit, but the non-edible part has been used for many centuries as a filling for not only pillows but mattresses as well. 

The material has been proven to be very dependable and durable, which is why its popularity has been increasing lately. The cases on buckwheat pillows are usually made from natural materials, and the husks that go in as filling can be removed and added, allowing you the option of replenishing your pillow to increase its useful life.

What are the benefits of buckwheat pillows?

Although every experience is different, and buckwheat pillows might not be for everyone, a huge number of people around the globe claim these pillows have helped them tremendously, both with improving rest and tending to neck and back pain. Bellow are the key benefits of using these pillows:

1. Natural materials – Even when you are not immediately aware of the impact of synthetic materials, your body is. And it will likely be grateful to you for using materials that aren’t harmful, especially for that delicate time when we are resting. If you’re looking for a natural, eco-friendly pillow, buckwheat pillows should be near the top of your list.

2. Well rested night – The benefit that is the most associated with this type of pillows is definitely sleep quality. Because of their filling, these pillows do actually provide proper support to your neck and spine. The material is adjustable, so even if you are switching sleeping positions, you will be able to manipulate the pillow for comfort. The additional support is also reported to help people stop snoring.

3. Buckwheat travel pillows – Because of their particular design and excellent qualities when it comes to lumbar support, buckwheat pillows have become increasingly popular as travel pillows. Pack one of these for your next journey to dramatically improve comfort levels and reduce the chance of arriving at your destination stiff and tired.

4. Bug resistant and durable – Even though the materials are natural, they do not attract insects. In addition to this, they allow for good airflow, due to their shape and structure, making them very breathable. Further, the materials are durable and long lasting, so you can be safe in knowing you are investing in your comfort for years to come.

What are the downsides of this type of pillow?

We could go on and on about the benefits of buckwheat pillows, but we thought it was worth mentioning some of the trade-offs this variety of pillows has vs regular pillows.

For starters, buckwheat pillows can take some getting used to, so be sure to have some patience, and give yourself a good chance to warm to it. In addition, the husks that are in the filling can make rustling noises, which many people find a little odd. 

They also emit a particular smell, which isn’t to everyone’s liking. The natural buckwheat filling means they are also heavier than regular pillows and the filling should never be washed. 

But, if you give your pillow a chance we are sure you will get used to it over time and you will be able to fully enjoy the amazing benefits of buckwheat pillows and have a well-rested night!