Boxing Day Sales Melbourne [2024 Guide]

Boxing Day Sales Melbourne [2024 Guide]

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Boxing Day Sales are one of the biggest shopping events of the year. Lots of retailers offer huge discounts on their products in this after-Christmas sale. Melbourne has some of the best places to shop and bag yourself a bargain on Boxing Day. There are so many great places to shop that you might not be sure which shopping centre is best for getting the most out of the sale. This guide will help you find the best discounts and sales in Melbourne.

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Where Can I Shop on Boxing Day in Melbourne?

There are so many great retail areas within Melbourne and you will be able to get great discounts at each of them. Here are the top Melbourne stores and retail locations that will be offering huge discounts and deals on Boxing Day:

Chadstone Shopping Centre

Chadstone is a place to go if you are looking for some of the best deals in fashion. They are “The Fashion Capital” after all. Chadstone stocks a range of luxury brands including Chanel, Prada, Burberry and Tiffany & Co. Their trading hours are 6am-11pm so you’ll need to get an early start if you want to get there when they open.

Chapel Street

Chapel Street is great for lovers of boutique stores. This iconic shopping area is all about supporting local. They are well worth a visit, you never know what treasures you could get from this mix of local designers, vintage stores and international brands. They are open from 9am-6pm.

Clarendon Street (South Melbourne)

Clarendon Street is one of the more well-known shopping streets in Melbourne. Within the speciality shops on this street you can find everything from music to electronics.

David Jones

David Jones offers everything from toys to clothes without needing to walk around an entire shopping centre. They are great if you want to be part of the sale without making a big day out of it. They usually offer excellent prices during the sales too.


If you are hoping to get lots of different products then head to Highpoint. Here you won’t be limited as this is one of those great shopping centres that has almost everything. With 500 speciality stores, you can get amazing discounts at the stores here. They are open from 7am-11pm so there’s plenty of time to shop.

Melbourne Central

This is one of the larger shopping centres in Melbourne. You can make a day of it and find many bargains on all the big name brands including Calvin Klein, David Lawrence, Espirit and FCUK. They are open from 8am-10pm.


The Myer department store is another great option for sticking to one place rather than braving the crowds at an entire shopping centre. They usually offer great sale prices on Boxing Day. Myer sometimes even have special deals for the first people that enter the store at the beginning of the Boxing Day sale.

Northland Shopping Centre

Northland Shopping Centre is a great place to go during the sale to get on-trend products. They have over 300 stores to enjoy and there’s a restaurant area too. Northland is open from 9am-9pm.

Swanston Street

Swanston Street has a range of free-standing stores including Jack London, Ripcurl, Jeans West and Tarocash. You can head to Swanson Street between 10am-7pm.

The Good Guys

If you need home appliances or tech goods then The Good Guys is the place to go. You can even just shop with them online if you don’t feel like heading out into the queues and crowds. You can enjoy big savings on a wide range of products.

Westfield Doncaster

Westfield Doncaster is a great place for a bit of everything. They often have deals on and Boxing Day is a guaranteed winner. If you enjoy Westfield, this will probably be your preferred choice for one of the biggest shopping days of the year. Opening hours are from 9am-10pm.

Big W

BIG W is a great place to check out for bargain prices on boxing day. They stock a wide range of household items along with home improvement, kids, and home appliances. Expect sales across a range of brands and products.

Where are the best Boxing Day sales?

Let’s be honest, there are amazing prices everywhere on Boxing Day. Boxing Day is a huge day for retailers and shoppers. There is a lot of competition between stores to bring customers the best deals and biggest product range. Use these steps to find the best deals on the day:

  • Take a look at each store’s Boxing Day sales before boxing day. There’s no need to wait until the day to find out which stores are offering which discounts. Many shops will list their discounts before the day so you can take a look ahead of time. This allows you to plan your day and head straight to the places offering the best discounts.
  • See which products are actually being put on sale. Some shops use the sale as a way to get rid of lower quality items that haven’t been selling well. Try to find high-quality products that you would buy even if there wasn’t a sale on.
  • Shop online (or at least do your research online before going to the store). Shopping or researching online allows you to quickly compare prices, access lots of discounts and avoid the crowds. While going to shopping centres makes a good day out, don’t completely disregard online shopping as it’s a great way to conveniently get lots of deals. Many of the discounts in-store are similar, or exactly the same, as the discounts online.

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Tips for Getting the Most Out Of Boxing Day Sales

As we saw during the Boxing Day Sales 2019, this is a big deal for shops and customers. There is going to be a huge range of products up for sale and massive savings to be made. There’s no doubt that there will also be large crowds and long queues. Be prepared so you can get the best prices with minimal stress and maximum fun.

  • Use public transport or get someone to drop you off/ pick you up – parking can be chaotic during these sale periods.
  • Start early – remember the best deals will go quickly and if you’re shopping for clothes the available size options will quickly become reduced.
  • Be organised – know what products you are on the lookout for and which stores you definitely want to go to. Make a list to help you keep track if there are lots of items to buy.
  • Shop online before you head out – online Boxing Day sales start earlier than in-store sales so you can bag some bargains before you even leave the house. These discounts usually start at midnight and can last for anything from 24 hours to the remainder of December.
  • Remember to set a budget – it’s too easy to be pulled in by all of the discounts. Set a budget for yourself so you can resist impulse buying and prevent overspending.

Shop Online

If you’re tired from a busy Christmas and you don’t feel like heading out to Westfield or Highpoint, you can still enjoy the sale from the comfort of your home. Many of the discounts are also available through the retailer’s websites too.

Online shopping is fast, convenient and involves no waiting time. Of course, you’ll have to wait for your new items to be delivered but many companies at least offer free shipping. Whether you are shopping in-store or online, make sure you are aware of the return and refund policies of the shops you are buying from. Keep hold of the receipt and original packaging in case you need to return selected items.

How To Spot a Good Deal

As you may already know, big sales days also mean the potential for sales traps. This is when retailers use the sale as an opportunity to attract customers with a discount even if the saving is not that good or the product is low quality. A bit of prior research can help stop you from falling into this trap.

  • Always compare prices – before you make a purchase compare the price across multiple shops and against the price history of the product.
  • Find out the RRP – Check the manufacturer’s website for up to date pricing information so you can see if the new discounted price is good or not. If you go to the shop knowing how much the product costs and the rough online price you will know if the deal in the sale is actually good or not.

Melbourne Boxing Day Sales FAQs

Does Australia have Boxing Day Sales?

Yes, Boxing Day sales are common in Australia. In fact, these post-Christmas sales are one of the biggest shopping events of the year. You can find amazing discounts on a vast selection of products.

What to do in Melbourne on Boxing Day?

The Boxing Day sales make it a perfect day for shopping but if that’s not your thing why not check out the cricket or go for a walk around the city. Indoor ice skating and the Melbourne Star are two attractions that you may want to visit too. This year boxing day is on a Saturday meaning we can all enjoy a long weekend.

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