The Best Wireless Earbuds in Australia for 2024

The Best Wireless Earbuds in Australia for 2024

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One of the most popular pieces of new tech is true wireless earbuds, everyone either has them or wants them. The ease, convenience and freedom of not having cables attached to your earphones is driving this popularity and has led to a huge number of products flooding the market.

The wide range of price, quality, and features offered in wireless earphones means choosing the right pair can be a difficult task. Below we review the best wireless earbuds currently on the market in Australia and also include a buyer’s guide to help you identify the key differences so you can find the best product for your needs.

Here are the best wireless earbuds in Australia:

1. Sony WF-1000XM3 Wireless Earbuds (Top Pick)

Sony New - WF1000XM3B - WF-1000XM3 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones (Black)

The Sony WF-1000XM3 is one of the best available options offering users excellent audio quality and an earpiece that is comfortable to wear. The sound quality is brilliant and can handle all genres of music with clarity and rhythm. The active noise-cancelling feature ensures you can hear clearly no matter where you are.

These smart earphones are user-friendly with key features such as built-in Alexa, a touch control panel for easily changing tracks, taking calls or activating voice assistant, and an adaptive sound mode that adapts based on your activity. The earbuds automatically detect when they are being worn so music is paused and resumed as you remove and replace them.

These headphones offer consistent connection strength and have a battery life of up to 24 hours (depending on the settings). They also have a USB-C quick charge feature where 10 minutes charge gives 90 minutes playback time.

What We Like:

  • Long battery life
  • Intuitive touch controls
  • Consistent connection strength 

What We Don’t Like:

  • No water resistance

2. Beats PowerBeats Pro Wireless Earbuds

Beats Powerbeats Pro Totally Wireless Earphones - Black

The PowerBeats Pro from Beats offers a secure-fit, excellent battery power and convenient water resistance. These durable, high-performance wireless headphones are great for anyone looking for a glitch-free listening experience when they are working out.

The adjustable ear hooks make sure these earbuds fit securely, feel stable and don’t come loose while you are moving around. The sound quality is good but if you will be sitting and carefully listening to the songs to enjoy every detail these may not be the best option for you. You can enjoy up to 9 hours of listening time and this extends to over 24 hours with the charging case.

The Beats PowerBeats Pro are reinforced and water-resistant making them perfect for going to the gym and training. There are volume and track controls on the earbuds and they also offer voice capability and automatic pause/play.

What We Like:

  • Best for the gym and working out
  • Comfortable, secure-fit
  • Great battery life

What We Don’t Like:

  • The case may be too large to fit into your pocket

3. Jabra Elite 65t Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds

Jabra Earbuds Bluetooth in-Ear Headphones with Earphones Charging Case & One-Touch Amazon Alexa & 15 Hours Battery, Titanium Black, (Elite 65t)

The Jabra Elite 65t earbuds offer a seamless connection with 4-microphone technology and customizable settings to suit your needs. These earbuds are great for taking work calls as the sound is clear and the HearThrough feature can block out background noise or let in ambient noise as you prefer.

The sound clarity of these Elite earbuds is excellent ensuring music and calls are clear. As they use Bluetooth 5.0 connection it maximises connection and minimises audio drop-outs. The Jabra Sound+ app gives you additional settings options such as a customisable equalizer so you can personalise your listening experience allowing you to enjoy the music exactly as you like it.

The battery life lasts up to 5 hours from a single charge and can last up to 15 hours when the included charging case is used. These earbuds can connect to Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant to give you hands-free control and access to your events, messages and appointments. The Jabra Elite 65t wireless earphones are durable and are rated IP55 against water and dust.

What We Like:

  • Best for work calls
  • Customisable settings using the app
  • Built to last

What We Don’t Like:

  • The larger design may not suit everyone

4. Apple AirPods with Charging Case

Apple AirPods with Charging Case

The Apple AirPods can be used with an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch or Mac. They are incredibly easy to use and will automatically power on and connect when you remove them from the case.

The audio and voice quality is rich and natural and you can access voice-control by saying “Hey Siri”. The AirPods can also sense when they are in your ears and will pause automatically if you remove them. These wireless earbuds can be used independently or together and you can double-tap to play or skip songs or podcasts.

When you are on a call there is a speech-detecting accelerometer that helps filter out background noise so your voice is clearer. Airpods offer a 5 hour listening time and 3 hour talk time on one charge and the included case holds multiple charges for over 24 hours of listening time. A 15-minute quick charge can give you 3 hours of listening time.

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What We Like:

  • Charges quickly
  • Automatically power on and connect
  • Easy to use

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not adjustable – will not fit everyone’s ears well

5. SoundPeats Truedot True Wireless Earbuds

SoundPEATS Truedot Wireless Earbuds with Smart Touch Control 5.0 Bluetooth Headphones HD Stereo Sound, Sports Headset Built-in Mic Total 22 Hours Playtime

The SoundPeats Truedot are small in size but high in quality. They are lightweight, comfortable and come with a pocket-sized charging case. These earbuds utilise Bluetooth 5.0 for wider compatibility and easy pairing. When you take them out of the charging case they automatically pair so you can enjoy music with minimal fuss.

The smart touch control on both earbuds allows music, call and voice assistant control to be accessed simply by tapping. The sound produced by these is crisp and dynamic thanks to the Realtek Chipset and Dynamic Driver.

These earbuds are built for comfort, they are extremely lightweight and ergonomic. A feature not offered by all brands is that both earphones can be used separately so you can keep the earphone of your choice in and enjoy the same level of quality and convenience. The battery life of the SoundPeats Truedot earbuds is 5 hours and the charging case can charge them fully 3 times to extend your enjoyment.

What We Like:

  • Good price
  • Small size
  • Comfortable 

What We Don’t Like:

  • Low bass quality

6. TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds

TOZO T6 True Wireless Earbuds Bluetooth Headphones Touch Control with Wireless Charging Case IPX8 Waterproof TWS Stereo Earphones in-Ear Built-in Mic Headset Premium Deep Bass for Sport Black

The Tozo T6 earbuds offer great battery life, one step pairing and are even waterproof making them a great option for sports and working out.

The sound quality is natural and authentic with powerful bass performance offering an enjoyable audio experience. The earbuds are waterproof up to 1 metre for 30 minutes so you can use them when sweating in the gym and you can even wash them too.

These earbuds use Bluetooth 5.0 technology and automatically connect when picked up from the charging case. A single charge can last for up to 6 hours and 24 extra hours using the charging case. The case supports wireless charging and uses LED lights to indicate the battery status.

What We Like:

  • Value for money
  • Easy setup
  • Waterproof 

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not the best option for phonecalls

7. SoundPEATS True Wireless Earbuds

SoundPEATS True Wireless Earbuds, Bluetooh V5.0 Headphones in-Ear TWS Bluetooth Earphones Auto-Pair Wireless Headphones with High Definition Mic (Stereo Sound, Smart Touch,IPX5, 24 Hours Playtime)

The SoundPEATS True Wireless Earbuds are comfortable, easy to use and come with a small charging case that’s portable and convenient to carry.

The connection is fast and stable thanks to the advanced Bluetooth technology and the sound quality is enhanced by Realtek chipset. The audio quality from these earbuds is great, they offer stereo sound that is able to handle powerful bass. The battery life is 4 hours and the charging case can provide around 5 full charges too so in total you can enjoy a full day of playtime.

These SoundPEATS offer an improved microphone so calls will be clear and good quality. There is also voice assistance that can be activated by pressing the multifunction control button. The ergonomic design combined with changeable ear tips makes sure these wireless earbuds are comfortable to wear.

What We Like:

  • Good build quality
  • Comfortable to wear (changeable ear tips)
  • Clear calls

What We Don’t Like:

  • Only the right earbud can be used on its own

Wireless Earbud Buyers’ Guide

Wireless earbuds are incredibly popular and the majority of headphone manufacturers are now offering their own versions. True wireless earbuds are convenient, comfortable and are quickly becoming a staple product for many. With such a range of options, choosing one can feel almost impossible as it can be difficult to see what makes each of them different. This guide cut will help you cut through any confusion and highlights the features you should consider and compare when choosing the best wireless earbuds for you.

True Wireless vs Wireless

You may see some products advertised as “true wireless” and others as “wireless”, the distinction between these is that wireless headphones often have a wire that connects the two earpieces but no wire connecting the headphones to the audio source. However, true wireless headphones do not have any wires at all.


Are the earbuds going to be for general day to day use or are you looking for something more specific such as headphones that can handle sweaty gym workouts, remain in place during sport or hold their own on important work calls? There are a few different uses and it is important to take this into account when making your choice. Most earbuds are incredibly versatile but if you are looking for ones that will be good for the gym it is better if they are water-resistant whereas if you need them for work calls then active noise cancellation will be far more important.

Key Features

Battery Life

The vast majority of wireless earbuds have a standard battery life of between 3-5 hours but they also come with a charging case that can be used to top up their charge. The case is usually able to provide multiple full charges giving you plenty more listening time on the go. The actual battery life on the earbuds can be impacted by a range of factors such as the volume (e.g. higher volume resulting in shorter battery life).

Bluetooth 5

Bluetooth 5 is the newer Bluetooth technology that is now being introduced to most wireless earphones. Bluetooth 5 offers better connectivity, range and battery life. Look for headphones that are utilising this level of Bluetooth to enjoy an improved listening experience.

Ear Tips

The ear tips will impact how comfortable the earbuds are to wear and how good the sound is. You will want ear tips that create a good seal so you can block out external noises and hear the sound with quality and clarity. Silicone ear tips are often offered in a range of sizes so you can find the most comfortable fit for your ears. Some products, such as Apple Airpods, do not have size options or changeable tips which can impact how comfortable and effective they are for each individual person. The best wireless earbuds will fit snugly in your ear and will stay secure as you are moving around.


The headphones may include a button or control pad on the earpieces, this will let you adjust the volume, skip the song, pause the music etc. when you don’t have your phone to hand. Some wireless earbuds automatically pause when you remove them from your ears. Whatever controls the earphones have, they should be responsive and user-friendly.

Noise Cancelling Technology

Not all options have a noise-cancelling feature but it is an important feature for some users. When the earphones are noise-cancelling they may also include the ‘Hear-Thru’ feature that allows you to adjust the level of noise-cancelling to what is most comfortable/ safe for the situation (e.g. adjusting the noise cancellation so you can hear traffic or people talking while still wearing the earphones).

Sound Quality

For better sound quality the wireless headphones should be able to isolate well, have echo reduction and offer a slight emphasis on bass. The sound will be easier to enjoy if the headphones have noise-cancelling tech or foam tips. Keep in mind the sound quality can be impacted by the distance the earbuds are from the audio source, the obstructions between the earbuds and audio source and the Bluetooth audio codecs.

Bluetooth Audio Codecs

Bluetooth Audio Codecs refers to the different algorithm types that compress/ decompress the digital signals. Some common codecs include; aptX, LDAC, AAC, and SBC. SBC offers the lowest quality compression. It is important the earbuds and the audio source are both compatible with the same codec, most phones are only able to support AAC and SBC.


Charging on the go is an important feature for truly wireless earphones. The case for charging should be robust but also lightweight and portable. A wireless charging case should be able to fully charge the headphones multiple times offering great convenience and simplicity.

Other Features

  • Waterproofing – water resistance and waterproofing are important to consider, it helps make the earbuds more durable and is a good option for working out as it means sweat won’t cause any damage.
  • Voice assistant – the voice assistant feature should be easy to set up and access.
  • Warranty – as this technology is still relatively new it is beneficial to have a warranty in case there are any issues. True wireless earphones are more expensive than other headphones so having them covered by a warranty is a good idea.
  • Independence – one thing about truly wireless earbuds is that some manufacturers only allow one of them to be used independently, for example, you can only use the right SoundPEATS True headphone on its own meaning you can never just wear the left (you can wear the right-only or both). Other manufacturers do not have this limitation so you can use each of the earbuds independently as it suits you. If this is important for you, make sure you find out if the headphones can be used independently and whether this is limited to just one of them.

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