The Best Umbrella In Australia for 2024

The Best Umbrella In Australia for 2024

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We don’t truly appreciate umbrellas until we get caught in the rain without one. A quality umbrella is sturdy, reliable and will protect you from the elements.

However, not all umbrellas are high-quality. A cheap, poorly built umbrella will flip at the first gust of wind, snap under pressure and will remain damp long after the rain has passed.

Finding a good umbrella makes a big difference. The following reviews and buying guide will help you find the very best umbrellas to shelter you from the rain.

1. Best Windproof Umbrella: Samsonite Windguard Auto Open/Close Umbrella

Samsonite Windguard Auto Open/Close Umbrella, Black (Black) - 51701-1041

When looking for windproof umbrellas, the Samsonite Windguard is the best option. It is built to be sturdy, withstand wind and rain and keep you dry at the simple push of a button.

This automatic umbrella has a double canopy and is held together with sturdy steel ribs so it holds its shape well. The large vented canopy provides plenty of space for one person and just enough to protect two.

While slightly bigger than many other umbrellas the Samsonite remains compact, comfortable to carry and reliable making it ideal for when you are travelling.

What We Like:

  • Reliable
  • Ideal for adverse weather
  • Excellent wind resistance

What We Don’t Like:

  • Slightly pricey (but high quality)

2. Best Travel Umbrella: Newdora Windproof Travel Folding Umbrella

Newdora Windproof Travel Folding Umbrella Golf Umbrella Auto Open Close, Lightweight 10 Ribs Automatic Windproof Canopy Compact with Ergonomic Handle with Waterproof Bag (Black)

The best umbrella for travelling is the Newdora folding umbrella. This is a lightweight, compact and highly practical option that dries quickly and can easily be packed away.

This windproof travel umbrella has a strong metal frame for stability and the slip-proof, rubber handle feels comfortable in your hand.

The automatic open and close button allows quick and easy use. There are a few different colours available so you can choose a style that suits you.

The waterproof canopy is strong and wear-resistant, it will keep you dry and will protect you from UV rays too. A great thing about this umbrella is the absorbent bag it comes with, it is very convenient for when you need to pack the travel umbrella away quickly even when it is wet.

What We Like:

  • Comes with an absorbent bag
  • High quality
  • Practical and convenient – perfect to carry around in a backpack or handbag

What We Don’t Like:

  • A bit heavy for a compact umbrella

3. Shelta Canvas Golf Umbrella

This sturdy umbrella is ideal for daily use and will protect you from whatever the weather throws at you. The surface area of the umbrella is oversized, so it will do a better job at keeping you dry, while the curved wooden handle has a vintage feel and is comfortable to hold.

The Shelta Canvas Golf Umbrella can handle wet and windy days without blowing inside out. When not in use the canopy can be neatly velcroed closed.

With a steel shaft and metal ferrules, this is a sturdy option that should last you a long time. This stick umbrella opens and closes with a simple manual mechanism and the classic black canopy combined with the wooden handle gives a smart, sophisticated look.

What We Like:

  • Great for sun and rain protection
  • Classic appearance
  • Large and sturdy

What We Don’t Like:

  • Manual open and close mechanism

4. Blunt XS Metro Compact Umbrella

BLUNT is one of the most well known names in umbrellas thanks to their progressive and innovative designs and technology. The XS Umbrella is designed to be strong, durable and withstand wind speeds that many traditional umbrellas struggle with. It is a good size for one person and the unique blunt tips make it an ideal choice if you have children around.

The BLUNT Radical Tensioning System keeps the canopy fully-tensioned making sure it holds its shape and doesn’t turn inside out when it’s windy. It is auto opening so allows you to easily use the umbrella one-handed when you are on the go.

The lightweight fibreglass ribs give the umbrella strength and flexibility. It has a smooth rubber handle for comfort and also comes with a carry sleeve for easy portability.

For a slightly larger (but still compact) option, consider the super popular Blunt Metro Umbrella.

What We Like:

  • Heavy-duty
  • Unique blunt tips
  • Compact

What We Don’t Like:

  • Expensive but long-lasting

5. Totes Titan Large Auto Open Close Umbrella

totes Totes Titan Large Auto Open Close Umbrella, Black (Black) - 8755

The Totes Titan umbrella is durable, compact and lightweight. It is a great option to keep in your bag in case of bad weather when you are on the go.

The canopy has NeverWet invisible coating which ensures effective water repellency so the raindrops roll right off.

The sturdy aluminium frame helps the umbrella hold its shape even in winds. The open canopy size is enough for one person and conveniently folds down to a compact package when not in use. The tie strap is wide making it easy to neatly store away after use.

What We Like:

  • Lightweight
  • NeverWet coating for extra water resistance
  • Comfortable to hold and carry

What We Don’t Like:

  • Small size but enough for one person

6. Hailstorm Folding Reverse Umbrella

HAILSTORM Folding Reverse Umbrella with UV and UPF50+ Protection - Inverted Windproof Umbrellas with Lightweight Fiberglass Frame - Black

The HAILSTORM is a user-friendly umbrella that has an inverted closing canopy design to keep the wet side of the umbrella inside to stop water dripping in your home, car or office.

The double canopy umbrella looks smart and opens and closes smoothly. The push-button system is simple and convenient reducing the time you spend in the rain. It offers full protection from rain, wind and snow as well as UV protection.

The fibreglass ribs ensure the umbrella is sturdy and can handle weather conditions without bending or breaking. While compact when closed, the canopy when open is large enough to shelter two people.

What We Like:

  • Inverted closing design
  • Compact
  • Large canopy

What We Don’t Like:

  • A bit heavy

7. Bodyguard Innovation Travel Umbrella

The Bodyguard Innovation Travel Umbrellas are strong, durable and reliable. Built to last, this umbrella can handle being opened and closed a massive 800 times.

This design has 10 ribs made from fibreglass and stainless steel making sure they are strong and flexible enough to handle strong winds without being damaged. The canopy is coated with Teflon fabric protection to ensure it repels water and dries quickly.

The automatic open and closing mechanism takes just one second to work and can be operated with one hand. The slip-resistant handle is comfortable and secure to hold even when wet. The umbrella also comes with a protective case for when it’s not in use.

What We Like:

  • Water repellent
  • Easy one-handed use
  • High-quality ribs

What We Don’t Like:

  • Small canopy size

Umbrella Buyer’s Guide

This buying guide will help you find the best umbrella for your needs:


Traditional Umbrellas

Traditional stick umbrellas are great for daily use, they offer a large diameter for better rain protection. Traditional umbrellas offer simplicity and style in their design and are sturdy, easy to use and comfortable to hold. The downside is that they are large and cannot simply be put into a bag when not being used.

Compact Umbrellas

These are the best umbrellas for easily carrying and folding away when travelling. Some compact umbrellas still offer a large canopy space so they are a great option when you want to save space but still have good protection from the weather. Compact options tend to break more easily because they have more moving parts and can be flimsier.

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Golf Umbrellas

A golf umbrella is similar to a traditional style but it has a straight handle and a larger diameter. They are designed to protect golfers and their equipment from rain and sun so have a generous canopy size ideal for sports and sheltering more than one person.

Bubble Umbrellas

A bubble umbrella offers a deeper canopy to help protect your hair and face from harsh winds and rain. They are sturdy and can handle wind with ease. They are a bit on the bulky side but can make all the difference when you need them most.

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What to look out for:

  • Sturdiness – the umbrella needs to be able to withstand harsh weather so it needs to be built with high-quality materials, sturdy ribs and a well-made frame and handle.
  • Material – the canopy needs to be waterproof. The water should roll straight off, some options have an extra waterproof coating to make raindrops easy to shake off.
  • Weight – generally the sturdier options are also the heavier options. This isn’t ideal if you are going to be carrying the umbrella for a long time so try to find an umbrella that combines sturdiness with a lighter weight.
  • Open and close system -many umbrellas offer an automatic open/ close system which is very convenient. Manual open and close systems are less likely to jam or malfunction so keep this in mind.
  • Handle -handles come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Wooden handles have a stylish appearance and rubber handles offer a good, comfortable grip.
  • Canopy diameter – is the umbrella going to be used for one person or two? Choosing bigger canopy diameters is always useful, particularly if you are tall or often carry a backpack.
  • Fiberglass ribs – If you want something really sturdy, consider investing in an umbrella with fiberglass ribs. The frame on these umbrellas is designed to flex in high wind, as opposed to flipping inside out or snapping.

Umbrella FAQs

Are inverted umbrellas better?

In some ways yes, inverted umbrellas close so the wet part of the umbrella is on the inside, preventing you from getting wet after use and stopping water from dripping everywhere.

How much does a good umbrella cost?

A good umbrella will cost $50 – $100 and should last a long time.

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