The Best Salt and Pepper Grinders in Australia

The Best Salt and Pepper Grinders in Australia

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Seasoning is something that we all enjoy in our food. Good quality grinders enable us to effectively season with freshly ground salt and pepper, while also looking the part in our kitchen or dining room.

If you’re looking for the best salt and pepper mills, we’re here to help. We’ve reviewed the best products on the market in Australia and discussed each of their pros and cons. We have also included a handy buyers guide so you know what to look out for when making your selection.

1. Noosa Life Salt and Pepper Grinder Set (Top Pick)

Noosa Life | Salt and Pepper Grinder Set - Premium Stainless Steel | Salt and Pepper Shakers with Adjustable Coarseness | Salt Grinders and Pepper Mill Shaker Mills Set

This salt and pepper grinder set from Noosa Life enhances the look of your dining table and kitchen with glass and premium stainless steel tops. The products also protect your surfaces as the grinders sit at the top and not at the bottom, ensuring that salt and pepper only goes on your food, and not the table.

Customers who want a simple product that offers a lot will appreciate the ability to adjust coarseness, and the easy transparency of when it is time to refill. 

What We Like:

  • Grinder located at the top
  • High-quality glass and stainless steel
  • Ability to adjust coarseness
  • Easy to know when a refill is needed

What We Don’t Like:

  • Adjusting feature may affect the grinding strength
  • May be larger than some families prefer

2. Russell Hobbs Salt & Pepper Mills

These gorgeous Russell Hobbs pepper and salt grinders are designed to look sophisticated and smart in your dining area or on your kitchen worktop. At 24cm tall they are slender and chic, in combination with brushed steel and glass materials which will suit any modern home design.

Adults and children alike will love that the mills use an automatic grinder button, which means your food is perfectly seasoned exactly how you like it with just the touch of a button.  

What We Like:

  • Automatic grinding
  • Elegant design
  • Easy to see when refill is needed
  • Use up minimal counter space

What We Don’t Like:

  • Requires batteries
  • Substantial size may be more than some families require

3. Joseph Joseph Milltop No-Spill Salt & Pepper Grinders

Joseph Joseph Milltop - No-Spill Salt & Pepper Set Serve & Barware, Dark Grey/Light Grey, 95036

These attractive matte mills from Joseph Joseph have a special inverted design which prevents salt and pepper from falling into countertops and tables. The easy twist base and stainless steel adjustment knobs make it easy to choose coarseness before grinding your salt or pepper.

Customers who love innovation in their gadgets will appreciate the ceramic grinding mechanism that removes the need for a central spindle, increasing the capacity for the salt and pepper within the grinder.  

What We Like:

  • Stylish
  • Ceramic grinding mechanism
  • Ability to adjust coarseness
  • Anti-spill
  • Large cup capacity 

What We Don’t Like:

  • Moisture can affect the product
  • No way to see when refills are required

4. OXO Good Grips Lua Salt Mill Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

OXO Good Grips Lua Salt Mill Salt & Pepper Set Silver

OXO are known for producing very high quality kitchenware. These grinders are compact and simple, perfect for homes with smaller dining areas or a limited worktop space. They utilise a top grinding mechanism which prevents the spillage of any salt and pepper. You can also use the grind selector to choose which type of coarseness you would prefer.

Customers will love that the products rest flat when upside down and have a wide opening, so they aren’t fiddly to refill.

What We Like:

  • Compact
  • Top grinding mechanism
  • Ability to adjust how coarse grains are
  • Easy to refill

What We Don’t Like:

  • Grinding mechanism may be weaker than other products
  • Coarseness knob is plastic

5. Bodum Australia Pty Manual Salt and Pepper Grinder

Bodum Australia Pty Manual Grinder Salt and Pepper, Black, 11002-01

The innovative Bodum mill is both a salt grinder and a pepper grinder in one. You simply turn left for salt, and right for pepper, to perfectly season your food using just one product. For even more versatility you can also gradually adjust the coarseness to the way you like it.

Customers will love how easy the rubber sprayed plastic twin grinder is to hold, with an ergonomic shape and silicone band for extra grip.

What We Like:

  • Ergonomic shape with easy to grip silicone band
  • Salt and pepper in one container
  • Ability to adjust coarseness
  • Attractive design

What We Don’t Like:

  • Residue of seasoning can mix with salt or pepper you’re grinding
  • Difficult to refill

6. DaZone Salt and Pepper Grinder Set, Stainless Steel Pepper Mills

DaZone Salt and Pepper Grinder Set, Stainless Steel Pepper Mills , Salt and Pepper Shakers Set of 2- Brushed Stainless Steel Pepper Mill and Salt Mill, 6 Oz Glass Tall Body, 5 Grade Adjustable Ceramic Rotor – Best for Tasty and Healthy Food

These great value grinders are sleek and stylish and will fit right at home in any modern kitchen or on your dinner table. If you want to add ground pepper or salt to your meals in style, this product should be near the top of your list.

The high-quality grinder mechanism is an adjustable ceramic rotor with five grinding levels. From sea salt to organic peppercorns, this allows you to get the perfect grind, no matter the size of your spices.

The glass design provides a convenient view of current salt and pepper levels, while 100% money back guarantee adds extra comfort in your purchase.

What We Like:

  • High quality and good value
  • Stylish brushed stainless steel and glass design
  • Ability to adjust corseness
  • Ceramic grinder mechanism

What We Don’t Like:

  • Less premium product than more expensive items

7. TOOGOO Premium Gravity Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder Set

TOOGOO Premium Gravity Electric Salt and Pepper Grinder Set of 2 Battery Powered Salt Shakers, Automatic One Hand Pepper Mills with LED Light, Adjustable Coarseness (Black)

Modern and stylish, these electric grinders offer single hand operation for added convenience.

Durable and reliable, they have a rust-proof ceramic core grinding mechanism. They also have an easily adjustable grind size.

These pepper and salt mills feature a unique blue LED light that lights up while in operation.

What We Like:

  • High quality electric grinders
  • Blue LED light when in operation
  • Adjustment knob to adjust coarseness
  • Gravity sensor

What We Don’t Like:

  • Batteries not included

Salt and Pepper Grinder Buyers Guide

Buying salt and pepper grinders might seem like a simple purchase, but it can be a real inconvenience if you get a poor product. Seasoning your food is a basic necessity at home, and it gets annoying quickly if you can’t do that in the best way for your needs.

To help you avoid the duds and choose the best seasoning product for your home, take a look at our handy buyers guide tips:

Size Matters

Size really matters with salt and pepper grinders. Too heavy and they’re cumbersome to use. Too big and they take up too much room in the dining area. If you are short on space or struggle with wrist or hand strength, then compact grinders are ideal. For fancier occasions or longer-lasting refills, larger grinders might be a better choice for you.

Avoiding Spillage

A lot of the most modern grinders have the grinder at the top, which stops the residue of the salt or pepper spilling onto the worktop or table. If spillage is something you want to avoid then this feature is an important one to look for when you browse.

Automatic Or Manual

If you truly want the easiest way to grind your seasoning then an automatic grinder is the kind you should be looking for. If you do want a manual product then look for signs in the reviews that the mechanism works well, so it doesn’t become a chore having to grind your salt, pepper, or spices.


Coarse To Fine Knobs

Some products have the ability for you to use a special knob that creates the coarseness or fineness of seasoning or spice particles that you prefer. This isn’t an unusual feature and you can find it in many salt mills. However, in more budget-friendly products you may find that these grind size settings are less effective. So if it is an important feature for you when it comes to pepper and salt mills, you may wish to choose a higher grade, or higher price product with predominantly metal, glass and ceramic in its design.


Refilling is easier when you can see the contents of your grinder, so glass viewing windows at least, are very handy for this reason. In addition, a wide refill opening and the ability to stand the product flat on its head are also positive refill features.


In contrast to the old salt and pepper shakers, modern salt and pepper mills sit on the dining table during mealtimes, entertaining and perhaps form a permanent part of your dining room decor. For this reason, the way that the product looks matter more than items that are purely practical.

Look for glass windows to show off fancy fillings like sea salt, Himalayan rock salt, or multicoloured peppercorns. Brushed matte or metal grinders will also enhance the overall aesthetic of the product, especially in combination with chic shapes and modern finishes.

Hopefully, these tips have helped you to feel confident in buying the best grinder for your home. By following our tips above, and by spending some time doing your own research, you’ll soon be able to season your food at home with ease.

Salt & Pepper Mill FAQs

Is there a difference between a salt and pepper grinder?

When purchased in a set, salt and pepper mills may look identical. However, if the products are of good quality, there will be subtle differences between the two products. The key difference is that modern salt mills will use a ceramic grinding mechanism while the pepper mill will often be stainless steel or carbon steel. This is due to the fact that salt can corrode steel and stainless steel.

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