The Best Resistance Bands In Australia for 2024

The Best Resistance Bands In Australia for 2024

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Resistance bands are a must-have for any home gym or outdoor exercise routine. They are a simple, inexpensive and convenient way to improve your strength, lose weight or recover from injury.

Resistance bands are also lightweight, flexible and portable so you can easily put them into a bag and take them with you for workouts when travelling, in the gym or in the park.

There are lots of options available so if you’re not sure which resistance bands are right for you, use the reviews and buyers guide below to help narrow down the selection.

Here are the best resistance bands in Australia:

1. TheFitLife Exercise and Resistance Bands Set (Top Pick)

TheFitLife Exercise and Resistance Bands Set - Stackable up to 110 lbs Workout Tubes for Indoor and Outdoor Sports, Fitness, Suspension, Speed Strength, Baseball Softball Training, Home Gym, Yoga …

This set of 5 resistance bands from TheFitLife is ideal for when you can’t get to the gym or you want to exercise from the comfort of your home. They come with a carry bag to make them a great portable option too.

Each of the 5 bands has a different resistance level with the weight of each one clearly marked on each band. You can use each one alone or in combination to achieve different levels of intensity. They are also anti-snap so are safe and reliable.

This is a great option for travel as the bands are small, lightweight and flexible. The kit comes with 2 cushioned handles, 2 ankle straps and 1 door anchor so you will have everything you need to carry out any exercises.

What We Like:

  • Durable and anti-snap
  • Value for money
  • Full kit with 5 options of different resistance levels

What We Don’t Like:

  • May have a strong rubbery smell at first

2. Flow Fitness Resistance Bands

Flow Fitness Resistance Bands - Set Of Exercise Workout Loop Exercise Bands for Arms Shoulders Legs And Butt | 5 Resistance Levels Stretch Strength Bands for Working Out, Yoga, Gym, Crossfit & Physical Therapy

These Flow Fitness Resistance Bands are strong, durable and eco-friendly. The set comes with 5 bands, a workout guide and a travel bag so you can exercise wherever you are.

These exercise bands are made from 100% natural latex making them environmentally friendly, non-toxic and odourless.

Each of the 5 bands offers a different resistance level. They each state the resistance on them and are also different colours for easy identification.

The bands are lightweight making them travel-friendly and they are versatile so can be used for a range of exercise needs from CrossFit to yoga or pilates.

What We Like:

  • Affordable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Travel-friendly

What We Don’t Like:

  • The bands are quite thin

3. Set of 5 Heavy Duty Resistance Bands

OZSTOCK® Set of 5 Heavy Duty Resistance Band Loop Power Gym Fitness Exercise Yoga Workout

This easy maintenance kit of heavy-duty resistance bands is perfect for CrossFit, yoga, strength training, gym workouts and fitness classes. They can be used for everything from weight training to stretching and flexibility.

Each of the exercise bands has a different level of resistance and are also a different thickness. The bands are made from latex and offer super elasticity.

They are versatile, effective and portable. You can throw them into your bag and you have a full-body workout ready to go when you are.

What We Like:

  • Good quality
  • Low maintenance
  • Portable 

What We Don’t Like:

  • Does not come with a travel bag or instructions

4. Muscle Motion Double Layered Strength Band Set

This Muscle Motion set offers 2 strength bands that are perfect for stretching exercises and 1 that is great for general use.

Each band is a different thickness and colour, the smallest is a pink band of 12mm wide, the middle is a yellow band of 22m and the largest is a green band of 30mm wide.

These bands are double layered and are easy to take with you on trips or to exercise in the park or gym.

What We Like:

  • 3 bands
  • Great for stretching
  • Double layered

What We Don’t Like:

  • Simple set

5. ShapEx Fabric Resistance Bands Set

ShapEx Fabric Resistance Bands Set of 3 Non-Slip Booty Bands for Hip Circle Workout and Gym Fitness Exercise with Carry Bag and Guide

These ShapEx Fabric Resistance Bands are wide, anti-slip and will not slide or roll up during exercises.

These bands are designed to be comfortable, easy to use and skin-friendly. This kit is best suited to leg exercises including squats and exercises targetting glutes.

The materials are a mix of cotton and elastic, they are incredibly durable and they have a double-sewn seam to ensure they do not tear or rip.

This kit includes 3 resistance bands of different sizes, a carry bag and an exercise guide. This is a fitness accessory you can take with you wherever you go and allows you to get the workout you want any time.

What We Like:

  • High-quality and durable
  • Soft fabric cotton is gentle on skin
  • Machine washable

What We Don’t Like:

  • Better suited to leg and glute exercises

6. PTPFIT Total Resistance System

These workout resistance bands from PTPFIT are best suited to people focusing on functional training. The kit includes 5 power tubes, handles, ankle straps, a door anchor, an outdoor anchor and a carry bag to keep it all together.

This set has everything you need to train your full body without having to visit the gym. The power tubes have inner cord technology that ensures they do not stretch beyond their maximum capacity.

There are 5 different resistance levels and the tubing is extremely durable so you can rely on them time and time again. This is a great set for stretching, toning, strength exercises and rehabilitation.

What We Like:

  • Everything you need for full-body exercise
  • Extremely durable
  • Power tubes do not stretch beyond their maximum capacity

What We Don’t Like:

  • Lowest band is 5.5kg

7. 12 Piece Set of Resistance Bands

This 12 piece resistance band set includes 5 tension ropes, 2 handles, 2 foot protectors, 1 security buckle, 1 8 type yoga pull rope and 1 storage bag. It has everything you need for full workouts using resistance bands.

The resistance levels vary from 10lb up to 30lb and are each a different colour to tell them apart. The handles in the set are cushioned with foam to make them comfortable to use and easy on your hands.

You can attach the bands to the handles however you like allowing you to create over 30 resistance levels using different combinations. This is great for strength training and tough workouts. The storage bag is useful and convenient as it keeps the kit together and makes it easily portable.

What We Like:

  • Full kit
  • Foam handles
  • Mix and match the bands as needed

What We Don’t Like:

  • The bands do not say their resistance levels on them

Resistance Band Buyer’s Guide

Resistance bands are such a simple but hugely versatile fitness tool that can transform your workouts. They are light, flexible and portable so you can throw them in your bag and take them with you travelling, to the park or to the gym.

You may have noticed there’s a huge amount of option when it comes to resistance bands and if you have just started resistance training this is probably overwhelming and a bit confusing. This buyers guide will help you see the differences between products so you can find the best resistance bands for you.


  • Therapy Bands – the classic resistance band is also known as a therapy band, these flat stretch bands do not have handles and are easy to use.
  • Resistance Loop Bands – resistance loop bands are big continuous loops, similar to a large rubber band. They are a popular option for lower body exercises.
  • Clip Tube – a clip tube is when you have separate handles and you attach the band you want to use to the handles via a clip. This makes it easy to change the resistance level and band size.
  • Figure 8 – this is a short band in the shape of a figure 8 that has a handle on each side to grip. This is a good option for working the upper body and arms.

Tension Level

It is best to buy a kit that includes a few different bands of various tension levels. You should at least have light, medium and heavy options as different muscle groups will require less or more tension and resistance.

You will notice that the bands are different colours for different levels of resistance. Generally, the bands will say on them somewhere what their resistance level is but if not the colour is a good indication. Each brand may have its own colour coding system so it is best to check the brand that you are considering to get accurate details on what weights each colour represents.

Bands resistance levels tend to start at around 5lb/2.25kg and go up to approximately 40lb/18.15kg. Each resistance band will offer a different level of resistance so be aware of the tension level you are purchasing and choose the right option for your exercise and needs.


Bands are available in a range of lengths, some are short and can barely stretch more than an arms-length while others are longer and are designed for movements such as pullups.

If you are unsure and want to use the band for a variety of exercises it is better to choose longer options as they can always be modified while shorter bands leave you little room for modification.


The best resistance bands are comfortable to use. Some use handles and some (like loop bands) don’t. If you are choosing ones with handles look at the handle material and whether or not it feels good in your hand.

Handles can be different sizes, can be soft or hard and can be fixed or removable.

Generally, you want to avoid overly large handles and handles made of hard plastic as these may not be comfortable during workouts.


As you may have noticed in our reviews, some kits come with accessories. These accessories give you more freedom and versatility.

You can carry out more exercises and attach them in different ways both in your home and to yourself (e.g. ankle straps).


The bands need to be durable and safe to use. Most bands are made from a rubber latex blend which is long-lasting and very durable.

To help keep the bands in good condition they should not be left in direct sunlight and should not be cleaned with harsh chemicals. When bands are properly cared for they can last years.

Keep it simple

While there are lots of different band types and options, the best thing to do when you are first starting out with resistance training is to keep it simple.

Buy a few basic stretch bands or one kit and take your time getting to know how to use them and how they can be effective in your workouts.

Once you are comfortable with the bands you can look at increasing your resistance band set and accessories.

Keeping it simple at the beginning can also potentially help you to save money as you might find you have everything you need in just a few bands rather than immediately buying a lot of extra equipment.

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