The Best Rechargeable Batteries In Australia for 2024

The Best Rechargeable Batteries In Australia for 2024

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The best rechargeable batteries are high performance, hold their charge well and are ready to use straight from the pack.

Good quality rechargeable batteries will save you money, reduce waste and can be used hundreds of times.

It is worth doing a bit of research before buying a set of batteries as you want to make sure the ones you pick hold a charge and live up to your requirements and expectations.

As you will be using them time and time again it is important to find batteries that work best for you.

The reviews and buyers guide below will help you find which option is right for your specific needs.

1. Panasonic AA Batteries 8 pack pre-charged Eneloop Pro Ni-MH (Top Pick)

Panasonic AA Batteries 8 pack pre-charged Eneloop Pro Ni-MH, (BK-3HCCE/8BT)

These Panasonic AA Batteries are ideal for use with high drain devices such as cameras, torches and remote controls. They offer the best of both worlds with high performance and long shelf life.

These rechargeable AA batteries come pre-charged using solar power so can be used immediately or they can be stored for up to a year while retaining 85% charge.

While the eneloop pros handle high drain devices incredibly well they are also great for low drain devices thanks to their power retention capabilities.

Eneloop pro batteries are economical and can be recharged 100’s of times so although they are slightly more expensive they will save you money in the long term as you can rely on them time and time again.

What We Like:

  • Great for low and high drain devices
  • High performance
  • Long shelf life

What We Don’t Like:

  • Slightly more expensive than other options

2. Energizer AA 4Pk Rechargeable Batteries

This 4 pack of Energizer AA batteries are a great option for high drain devices such as cameras and gaming devices.

These rechargeable batteries hold their power for longer and are made with 4% recycled batteries making them better for the environment.

These AA batteries are reliable and come from well-known brand Energizer.

One charge can provide you with up to 7.5 hours of power on a handheld gaming device or 5.5 hours of toy activity.

These batteries have been pre-charged so are ready to use, the charge can last up to 12 months in storage.

Each battery can be charged up to 1,000 times providing you with long-lasting battery power for years to come.

What We Like:

  • Better for the environment
  • 5 year usable battery life
  • Long-lasting power

What We Don’t Like:

  • Higher price

3. EBL 8 Pack AAA 1100mAh High Capacity Rechargeable Batteries (Best Value)

EBL 8 Pack AAA 1100mAh High Capacity Rechargeable Batteries 1.2V Ni-MH AAA Battery (Battery Case Included)

The EBL AAA packs are perfect if you want batteries on hand that can be used even after years of storage. They are a reliable option that can save you money and benefit the environment too.

The EBL batteries are a very economical option, they can be recharged up to 1200 times and they have extremely low self-discharge meaning they maintain 75% of power even after 3 years of not being used.

These batteries arrive 20% charge so they should be fully charged before use. They are able to provide reliable, long-lasting power to your devices.

This set comes with two battery storage cases so you can keep them safe when not in

What We Like:

  • Reliable
  • Value of money
  • Hold charge for years of non-use

What We Don’t Like:

  • Not as durable as other options

4. Panasonic AA Ni-MH RTU Eneloop Pre-charged AA Rechargeable Battery

Panasonic AA Ni-MH, RTU Eneloop Pre-charged AA Rechareable Battery 4 Pack, (BK-3MCCE/4BA)

The Panasonic Eneloop batteries offer high capacity making them best suited for use with high drain devices.

The shelf life of these batteries is incredible and their low self-discharge means they have 70% charge remaining after 10 years of storage.

Although they have substantial power retention the product guideline says they can be charged 100’s of times which is less charge cycles than many competitors.

These batteries are pre-charged using solar power and are ready to be used immediately.

They work in temperatures as low as -20 degrees C so you can continue to rely on them during winter and in extremely cold situations.

What We Like:

  • Impressive power retention
  • Ideal for high-drain devices
  • Pre-charged and ready to use

What We Don’t Like:

  • Recharge number less than many other brands

5. Energizer Maxi Battery Charger with 4 AA Rechargeable Batteries Included

Energizer Maxi Battery Charger, Charges NiMH Rechargeable AA and AAA Batteries (4 AA Rechargeable Batteries Included)

This charger and battery pack is perfect for your general recharging requirements. The charger is able to handle AA or AAA rechargeable batteries and the set comes with 4 AA Energizer batteries.

The charging time is 5 hours and the charger automatically shuts off when the batteries are fully charged to prevent overcharging.

The large LED screen displays the charging status so you know when the batteries are fully charged and ready for use. If the batteries are faulty the screen will flash red to let you know.

Energizer is one of the top brands in rechargeable batteries and is trusted and frequently recommended.

The safety features of the charger makes getting the most out of your batteries easy.

What We Like:

  • Value for money
  • Includes easy-to-use charger
  • Charger shuts off to prevent overcharging

What We Don’t Like:

  • Batteries do not have the longest shelf life

Rechargeable Battery Buyer’s Guide

Buying rechargeable batteries is an easy way to save money, reduce waste and have a long-lasting solution for your battery-powered devices.

The best rechargeable aa and aaa batteries will last hundreds (if not over a thousand) charging cycles so although a pack of rechargeable batteries and a charger will cost you more than a pack of single-use batteries you will save money in the long run.

Batteries (rechargeable or not) are not all made the same so this guide with help you find the best option.


The most well-known and trusted brand names in batteries include Energizer and Panasonic among others.

These are tried and tested brands that often offer more than one rechargeable battery type.

While no-name brands might save you money on your initial purchase they will likely not provide the same level of quality.

As rechargeable batteries are about long term usage it tends to be better to spend a little more for a trusted, reliable option.


The capacity of a battery is measured in milliamps hours (mAh) and this is one of the key ways to differentiate between available battery options.

The standard mAh for rechargeable AA batteries is 2,000 mAh and for rechargeable AAA batteries is 800 mAh.

Generally, cheaper or knock-off brands will have lower capacities.


Buying pre-charged rechargeable batteries is very convenient as they can be used straight from the pack.

Not all options come precharged so keep this in mind if you need to use the batteries immediately.

Some options come partially charged (20%) while others require a full charge before the first use but this will be indicated in the product description.



A higher-quality charger will stop charging once the battery is fully charged, this is a useful and important feature as it prolongs the life of the batteries.

Overcharging will degrade the battery and reduce its lifespan meaning they will need to be replaced sooner.

A charger with a slow charging mode is better too as it can also help to prolong the battery life.

When not in use, batteries should be stored in a cool, dry place. They should not be left in the charger once they are fully charged in case on malfunctions or leaking.

It is useful to have a charger that can handle both AA/ AAA battery sizes.

Estimated Usage

The amount of times a battery can be recharged varies between brands and models.

Make sure you take a look at the recharge number (usually between 500 – 1000) to find out how many uses you can expect to get from the rechargeable AA and AAA batteries.

Power Retention

If you aren’t going to be using all of the batteries in the pack right away you may want to look at the power retention.

This is how much power the battery is able to retain while not in use.

Some batteries hold their charge incredible well, for example, the Panasonic Eneloop that still have 70% charge after 10 years of not being used.

Batteries that have not been designed to stay charged will lose the majority of their power over a number of weeks or months so it is often worthwhile investing in an option that has good power retention.

Good power retention will be able to hold most of the battery power for anything from a couple of years to 10 years.

Rechargeable Battery FAQs

Alkaline vs Lithium Ion vs NiMH batteries: Which is best?

The types of batteries and their pros and cons can start to get confusing. Here’s a quick summary:
Alkaline batteries – Good single-use batteries for everyday electronic devices. Not Rechargeable.
Lithium Ion batteries – Higher performance than alkaline but more expensive. Long-lasting and durable – good for electronics.
Ni MH Batteries – Higher performance than Lithium Ion but more expensive. NiMH batteries are higher density and are capable of high-speed charging. This is the favoured technology for mobile phones and laptop computers. They also contain no toxic metals.

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