The Best Pop Up Sprinklers In Australia: Hunter, Rainbird

The Best Pop Up Sprinklers In Australia: Hunter, Rainbird

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If you’re looking for the best way to water your lawn and garden without the eyesore of a massive sprinkler system, a pop-up sprinkler system is for you! These small sprinkler heads are placed unobtrusively in your lawn or garden and pop up only when needed. You can also get many types that feature timers so you can set and forget them. Keep reading to take a look at our review of the 6 best pop up sprinkler systems in Australia.

1. Hunter 100mm PGP Ultra Pop-Up Gear Drive Sprinklers (Top Pick)

Hunter is well known for producing some of the most reliable sprinkler systems on the market, and the PGP Ultras are one of their most popular models. These sprinklers can be adjusted to turn between 50 and 360 degrees, providing full coverage whether it’s in a garden bed or on the lawn.

With these sprinklers, you get a large selection of nozzles that spray in different ways, and the internal gear drive has improved dirty water tolerance. This can stop the sprinkler from getting blocked up with the gunk that’s in your water.

This irrigation system comes with the Hunter adjustment tool, which is the best way to set this system up, or you can simply install using a slotted screwdriver. These pop-up sprinklers are more expensive than others on this list, but it’s a high-quality product and comes with 20 sprinkler heads.

What We Like:

  • Improved dirty water tolerance
  • Full circle system
  • 20 sprinkler heads 

What We Don’t Like:

  • This comes in a box of 20 which may be too many for smaller lawns

2. Hunter SRM-04 Gear Drive Pop Up Sprinklers

If your garden is on the smaller side, you may want to opt for the Hunter SRM. This sprinkler is designed to be economical in wanter usage and is most effective for short-range.

You will love the radius-adjustment feature on the nozzle of this product. This can help you set it up perfectly, so it doesn’t spray onto your driveway or the footpath. The arc setting can be adjusted from 40 to 360 degrees.

With the Hunter SRM short-range rotor, you also have the option of combining with other rotors, whether large or small, to effectively cover any sized area.

What We Like:

  • Economical
  • Convenient short-range rotor
  • Can be used with larger products to cover more ground

What We Don’t Like:

  • Only 5 in the pack

3. Rainbird 3500 Series 100mm Pop-Up Gear Drive Sprinklers

The Rain bird 3500 features a dual-action seal that avoids debris such as dirt from getting into your sprinkler. This is the best way of ensuring that it will pop up and down smoothly every single time you use it and spray as it should.

This product comes complete with 6 attachable Rain Curtain nozzles. Switch these out as needed for different sprinkler effects. It also has a removable filter screen which helps make maintenance much simpler.

What We Like:

  • Attachable nozzles
  • Water-lubricated for easy movement

What We Don’t Like:

  • Does not include an adjustment tool

4. Orbit Voyager II Pop-Up Gear Drive Rotor Sprinkler

Orbit 55662 Voyager II Professional 4" Adjustable Pop-Up Gear Drive Rotor Sprinkler Spray Head, 40° to 360° Pattern, 25' - 52' Spray Distance (Ten Bonus nozzles Included)

The spray radius on the Orbit Voyager can be altered to spray between 8 and a massive 16 metres. This covers a high surface area and is much further than many similar sprinkler options. These sprinkler heads are preinstalled with a nozzle which sprays over 11 litres each minute. You can swap these out to adjust as needed for more or less water saturation.

The design ensures that these sprinklers are compatible with all major brands of similar sprinklers. This means that if you have just a few sprinklers failing, you can easily pop in a few of these as replacements.

What We Like:

  • Compatible design
  • Large spray radius

What We Don’t Like:

  • Some users find that this sprinkler isn’t as durable as expected

5. Rainbird Maxi Paw SAM Pop Up Impact Sprinklers

This Rain bird Maxi Impact Sprinkler is famous for its even water distribution. There’s nothing worse than puddles on your lawn or garden, and this product will prevent that for you. It also rotates slowly thanks to the heavy arm, which helps to ensure an even water spray.

These Rain bird sprinkler heads allow you to adjust the arm spring to achieve low water pressure which improves energy efficiency. The heavy-duty casing was designed to hold up in all weather conditions so you can use these sprinkler heads to spray water no matter the season.

What We Like:

  • Pro 1High qualityPro 1
  • Reverse action
  • Adjustable arm spring

What We Don’t Like:

  • Doesn’t go all the way up to a 360-degree rotation, stopping instead at 340 degrees.

6. Rainbird 5000 series 100mm Pop-Up Gear Drive Sprinklers

These reliable sprinkler heads can spray water anywhere between 7.5 – 15 metres. This makes them ideal on a mid to large size section. The rain curtain technology used in these causes the water droplets to be larger, ensuring that they don’t evaporate before reaching the ground.

The clever retract spring ensures that these sprinklers pop down just as easily as they will pop up. There is also an internal seal preventing gritty water from blocking the nozzle so that this sprinkler will keep watering smoothly for a long time to come.

What We Like:

  • Rain curtain technology
  • Heavy-duty retract spring for smooth operation

What We Don’t Like:

  • Spray size too large for smaller sections

Pop-Up Sprinklers Buyer’s Guide

Pop up sprinklers are a style where the body is fitted underground. The head then pops up above the turf when it is in use. After the irrigation is finished, the nozzle pops back down into the body. This creates a seamless look in your garden or lawn to mesh with your landscaping design. Check out below some information about what you need to take into consideration when purchasing this type of sprinkler system.


Rotors, otherwise known as rotor heads, are the mechanism through which irrigation occurs. They spread streams of water across the lawn or wherever you place them.

Impact Rotor

Impact rotors are nothing new and have in fact been around for quite a long time. They are the type of rotor most people think of when they think about sprinklers. They are made to let out streams of water on and off, creating that typical sprinkler sound.

Gear Drive

These rotors are fast becoming more popular than impact rotors because they are quieter, and the maintenance is easier. They are usually also smaller, so are a more unobtrusive form of irrigation. They work silently and spray out a constant flow of water on the lawn.

Rotary Nozzles

You will have seen rotary nozzles mentioned in the reviews above and may have wondered about the importance of these. These are kind of like a mini rotor that you can attach to your standard pop up sprinkler model.

They use many water streams rather than just the one and are often more efficient than the standard pop up sprinkler heads. These nozzles are turbine-driven and use less water than standard sprinklers. You don’t need them, but many people find them useful.


Notable Features

Below are some of the notable features you should look for when selecting sprinkler products.

Seal – It is best if you can find sprinklers with a good wiper seal as they are much easier to maintain than any other varieties. A wiper seal is a plastic seal which lies around the pop up stem to prevent leaking. Not only does it keep the water in, but it also keeps dirt out so that your device continues to work well without getting clogged up.

Height – The height of the pop-up sprinkler makes all the difference to the effectiveness of the irrigation. If the height is too low, generally below 3 inches, then it may not even rise above the top of your grass. This is why slightly higher sprinkler heads are best for effective watering of your lawn or garden.

Retraction – The best sprinklers use spring retraction to ensure that the head pops back down to where it should be after use. Stronger springs are the best because these are sure to fully pull that head in. Otherwise, they can stick up a little and become a tripping hazard on the lawn.

Check-Valve – A check valve exists in some models to prevent water trickling out of the pipes when the sprinkler isn’t on. It is a rubber washer that sits on the bottom of the device. The issue with the water draining out is that when the sprinkler restarts, it will take a while to get the water back in there, causing odd bursts and spurts of water, as well as odd noises. This also causes pressure on the pipe and can reduce the life span of your sprinklers. So, looking for a sprinkler with a pre-installed check-valve is a great idea.

Side Inlet – A side inlet is one way of attaching a water pipe to the sprinkler head. It lets the pipe be installed at a shallower level which makes installation easier and faster. However, it does render any check-valves you have unusable as they won’t work with a side inlet. It is also not recommended for use in climates which freeze, as the water can freeze in there and stop the system from working.

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