The Best Paint Spray Gun In Australia

The Best Paint Spray Gun In Australia

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If you are doing DIY, a paint spray gun is a must-have tool. You can cover wider areas in less time, the coat will be more even than traditional painting methods and the end result will look professional.

Finding the best paint sprayer for your needs is essential because choosing one that is too powerful or too small will cause frustration.

The reviews and buyer’s guide below will help you find the best sprayer for your painting projects.

1. Haupon TM-71 1100 ml Paint Sprayer (Top Pick)

HAUPON TM-71, 1100 ml Paint Sprayer with Less Thinner Required, Paint Flow Adjustable, Electric Paint Spray Gun, 3 Spray Patterns Spray Painter, Home Paint Spray Tool Use with Paints, Stains, Varnish, and Disinfectant

The Haupon TM-71 is a versatile, easy to use and multi-purpose sprayer. This is a compact, portable and adjustable design that is perfect for home DIY projects.

There are 3 spray pattern options and you can change the nozzle size to suit the project and the types of paint being used. There are 2 air caps allowing you to adjust the TM-71 to spray wider and faster when needed.

This sprayer is powered by a 450W motor so you can spray with less dilution needed. One of the best things about this model is the ability to regulate the flow using the control knob.

The bronze spray tip produces a more consistent and precise spray and is corrosion and wear-resistant.

What We Like:

  • Versatile
  • Compact size
  • Adjustable options

What We Don’t Like:

  • Cleaning and maintenance is time-consuming

2. HVLP Paint Spray Gun Station

This 600W HVLP spray station is great for precision painting both at home and in commercial settings. The tank capacity is 1L and is lightweight making it easy to carry and transport.

This spray is safe and easy to use, it works at 0.15-0.35 bar helping to ensure you paint at a constant pressure and volume, only using the paint you need to use.

The multi-directional nozzle makes this sprayer suitable for a range of jobs. This adjustable sprayer is made from quality materials, has a stainless steel 1.8mm nozzle and is easy to clean after use.

What We Like:

  • Lightweight
  • User-friendly
  • Multi-directional nozzle

What We Don’t Like:

  • Can be noisy when in use

3. Graco SG3 Airless Spray Gun

Graco 246506 SG3 Airless Spray Gun, SG3, Grey/ Red

The Graco SG3 is a high-quality airless sprayer that can be used with Magnum and Graco paint sprayers. It offers quality performance and is a long-lasting and reliable option.

The 4-finger trigger has a smooth pull that provides comfort and control when painting. It also has a safety lock to ensure you do not accidentally engage the spray.

The SG3 includes a built-in smooth glide hose swivel for easy movement without hose twisting. It also comes with a spray tip, a 50 mesh filter and a hand-tight guard. This is a lightweight option that is professional-grade and simple to maintain. This is a great airless paint sprayer for home and professional projects.

What We Like:

  • High-quality
  • Smooth 4-finger trigger
  • Built-in hose swivel

What We Don’t Like:

  • Only suitable for use with Graco and Magnum paint sprayers

4. Wagner Flexio 590 Paint Sprayer

The Wagner Flexio 590 is best suited for small to medium-sized projects. It can handle a range of paint including water or solvent-based wall, ceiling, wood and metal paint.

The Flexion technology provides full coverage with a single coat and there is an X-boost high-powered turbine with variable airflow for rapid application no matter what the paint type. This paint sprayer also features an I-SPRAY nozzle for extra-fine atomisation of even thicker paints.

The detachable gun allows you to quickly change the attachment, paint, refill or clean the paint sprayer. With the Flexio 590 you will get fast application, impressive power and minimum overspray.

What We Like:

  • Best for small- medium projects
  • Works well even with thick paints
  • High-quality finish

What We Don’t Like:

  • Cable is a bit short

5. Avid Power 600W Paint Sprayer

Paint Sprayer, 600W HVLP Spray Gun, Electric Paint Gun with 3 Spray Patterns, 3 Copper Nozzles, Flow Control and 800ml Detachable Container for Various Painting Projects, Avid Power

The Avid Power 600W is an electric paint sprayer that is perfect for painting walls, fences, tables, chairs etc.

There are 3 copper nozzle sizes and the sprayer offers 3 different spray patterns so you can select the best adjustments for different projects and paint types. The flow rate is adjustable so you can regulate the output with ease.

This is a lightweight option that is efficient and easy to use. After painting the Avid Power can be disassembled for thorough cleaning.

What We Like:

  • User friendly
  • Lots of adjustment options
  • Lightweight

What We Don’t Like:

  • Best for smaller projects

6. PNTGREEN HVLP Paint Spray Gun

PNTGREEN HVLP Spray Gun with 1.4 mm Tip for Base Coats, Metallic Paint, Whole Car Spraying. Professional Series by PNTGREEN Air Tools, 20 oz,600cc (Free Spray Gun Keychain)

This HVLP Paint Sprayer is a highly versatile option that is ideal for automotive and home projects. It is a gravity feed sprayer that can be used with almost all paint types.

The fan pattern and fluid control are adjustable to ensure you get the desired finish. The nozzle size is 1.4mm and the working pressure is 20-70 PSI.

This sprayer fits well so it is easy to install and remove and it does not leak or overspray. This is a low-cost, long-lasting and easy to clean option.

What We Like:

  • Versatile
  • Best for automobile and home DIY projects
  • Adjustable fan pattern

What We Don’t Like:

  • Cleaning can be time consuming

7. Rok Electric Paint Spray Gun

The Rok Electric Paint Sprayer is ideal for indoor and outdoor use. It can be used with acrylic or enamel paints and can handle larger jobs with ease and speed.

This is a versatile product that can be used for a range of uses from garden pesticides to painting walls to spraying tan liquids. The set includes an 800ml pod, 2 spray valves, a viscosity cup and a cleaning pin.

There is a control knob on the unit that can adjust the paint volume. The Rok Electric airless sprayers produce a low mist and beautiful results. The rubber grip is comfortable to hold and makes bigger jobs easier to handle.

What We Like:

  • Easy control
  • Adjustable flow
  • Great for big jobs 

What We Don’t Like:

  • Can be noisy

Paint Spray Gun Buyers’ Guide

A paint spray gun is a simple, straightforward tool that will make light work of your painting tasks. Paint sprayers will provide even coverage without drips so even novices can produce professional-quality results. There are lots of different options and finding the sprayer that suits your jobs is essential to having a good experience.

Paint Sprayer Types

  • Low Pressure – a low pressure paint sprayer is the easiest to use. They are perfect for smaller jobs and are low cost. You can also find low pressure paint stations which are electric and are great for small – medium jobs.
  • High volume low pressure (HVLP) – a high volume low pressure painting spray will be narrow and easy to control making it great for painting with accuracy, ideal for smaller or more complex objects. HVLP is a popular option for DIY projects as they are easy to use and produce great results.
  • High pressure – these sprayers are an electric option also known as airless sprayers. An airless paint sprayer usually offers different pressure levels, changeable nozzles and come in various capacity sizes to suit the size of the job.
  • Compressed air guns – these sprayers have an independent compressor, when the cup is positioned above the compressor it is a gravity gun and when it is below it is a suction gun. Gravity guns are usually best for low vertical painting or horizontal painting as painting up higher tends to be difficult. Suction guns are better all-rounders. The compressor is often sold separately when purchasing these paint sprayers.

Generally higher pressure paint sprayers will get the job done faster but lower options give you more precision and control so the right option for you will depend on the size of the job and whether you are against the clock to get it finished.

Fluid Tip Sizes

The tip or nozzle on the sprayer is available in different sizes. The larger the nozzle the better it is able to handle thicker paints. Smaller nozzles such as 0.5mm – 1.2mm are great for small jobs and touch ups but larger nozzles will be necessary for larger spraying jobs.


Key Features

  • Adjustable flow & nozzle – an adjustable flow allows you to change the flow rate while an adjustable nozzle lets you change the spray to make it vertical, horizontal or a concentrated circular flow.
  • Length of pipe – a longer pipe can make it easier to paint higher areas, smaller spaces and awkward angles.
  • Ease of cleaning – cleaning paint sprayers can be time-consuming so look for one that is easy to clean, having a removable pump will make it easier to clean.
  • Accessories – filters can help remove debris from the paint to produce a smooth finish and they can help to prevent the tips from getting clogged too. Another useful accessory is an extension that can save your back when you are painting decks and make it easier to decorate ceilings.
  • Capacity – this is how much paint the cup can hold and there is a lot of variation in available options.
  • Portability – the best options are easy to carry and move around, if you have a large job to do you don’t want something that is uncomfortable and heavy to hold and manoeuvre. Larger options may come in backpack form or wheeled to make them easier to manage.

Paint Spray Gun FAQs

Can you use any paint in a spray gun?

You can use any paint types in a sprayer but the paint will need to be thinned first. The amount of thinning required and the process will depend on the type being used.

Is it better to paint with a roller or spray gun?

Paint spraying is considerably faster but rollers can offer more control if you don’t know what you are doing. With this in mind, a paint sprayer is usually the better option but make sure you choose the right type and model and get some practice before you paint your wall or fence.

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