The Best Foundation Brush In Australia for 2024

The Best Foundation Brush In Australia for 2024

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Foundation creates a beautiful base and can leave your skin glowing if it is applied properly. Investing in the perfect foundation is great but it’s no good if you don’t invest in the best foundation brush too. A quality foundation brush that suits your foundation type and style will make getting the coverage you want so much easier. With the right tools, you’ll be able to achieve the looks you love in no time.

As there is an overwhelming number of foundation brushes on the market, the following reviews and buyers guide will help you find the best brush for your needs.

Here are the best foundation brushes in Australia:

1. Tarte The Buffer Airbrush Finish Bamboo Foundation Brush

If you’re looking for a foundation brush that blends and buffs to create an airbrushed effect the Tarte Bamboo Brush is a great option. Not only is it a fantastic blending brush, but it is also an environmentally friendly option.

This brush is extremely soft, durable and convenient. The large brush head is ideal for full-coverage and ensures the foundation is spread evenly. It’s good for liquid, cream and powder foundations and can also be used for applying bronzers and blush too.

The handle of this brush is made from sustainably harvested bamboo making it an eco-friendly option. This product is also vegan and cruelty-free so is perfect for environmentally-conscious make-up lovers. Cleaning this brush is easy but it is a little bit time consuming just because of the large brush size.

2. Napoleon Perdis Flawless Foundation Brush

This makeup brush from Napoleon Perdis is one of the best foundation brush options for applying liquid and cream foundation and primer. It is also a great choice for applying eye shadows and for blending blush and bronzer.

The high-quality fibres of this face brush are synthetic and are dense to ensure the liquid foundation is buffed and blended into the skin without leaving any lines.

The handle is comfortable to hold and the style of the brush looks professional. This brush is durable and designed to last, it is strong and will not drop brush bristles while in use. It is also easy to clean after use and should last a long time.

3. Bella and Bear Foundation Brush

Bella and Bear Foundation Brush - Our Professional Kabuki Flat Stippling Brush Works with Liquid - Mineral and Powder Foundation

The Bella and Bear Foundation Brush is a professional quality flat brush that is designed for blending and buffing. The brush is multi-purpose and can be used for foundation, contouring or applying blush/ bronzer. This is one of the best foundation brushes for all-round use.

The dense synthetic hair fibres are super soft and are compacted to give an airbrush finish. The high-quality of the brush ensures it lasts a long time and performs well. The flat-top allows you to control how much product you apply and the lightened tip of the brush helps you to see the product on the brush too.

This is a great eco-friendly option as the handle is made with sustainable wood and the brush is cruelty-free and vegan friendly too.

4. Sephora Collection Pro Foundation Brush n°47

The Sephora Collection #47 brush is an updated version of a traditional foundation brush. It’s a simple, high-quality brush that is best used with cream or liquid makeup products.

This brush is perfect if you are looking for a more classic brush that has many uses. If you are currently using your hands to apply your foundation, this brush is ideal for you as it offers better control and coverage with the same delicacy and feeling of fingertip application. The tapered side of this brush is great for those more precise and delicate application areas.

The #47 brush is super soft and will not leave brush marks or streaks when used. This a reasonably priced brush that offers excellent quality and should last a long time.

5. Real Techniques Blend and Blur Foundation Brush

The Real Techniques Blend and Blur Foundation Brush is best suited to liquid foundation application. The oval head is densely packed making it perfect for the application of cream or liquid foundation.

The curved design of the handle ensures the brush easily fits in your hand and feels comfortable when in use. The handles are very sturdy and do not bend easily so they never feel like they are going to snap which may be a particular perk if you are heavy-handed when applying makeup.

This brush gives an even, flawless finish with natural results. The bristles should be cleaned weekly for long term use.

6. Fenty Beauty Full-Bodied Foundation Brush

The Fenty Beauty Full-Bodies Foundation Brush is designed to give you quick coverage while making sure your skin is not caked up with makeup.

The unique paw shape of the brush and the ultra-fine synthetic bristles ensure a soft touch and an airbrushed finish. This full-bodied brush makes sure that blending is easy and if you are in a rush you can cover your entire face in just a few quick strokes. The sleek shape helps to ensure you don’t miss any areas either.

The brush itself is a fun-loving, beautiful baby pink colour and it will look great in any makeup collection. The bristles do not absorb your makeup products and washing the brush after use is easy.

7. Sigma Beauty F83 Curved Kabuki Foundation Brush

The F83 Curbed Kabuki Brush from Sigma Beauty is designed to hug your facial features to distribute the makeup more evenly. It is a great choice for achieving a seamless foundation or a refined contour. The brush works great with liquid, cream and powder foundation.

The curved shape of this brush is unusual but gives the benefit of working with the natural curves of the face. It is perfect for use along cheekbones, the jawline and the sides of the nose. This brush is soft and dense so it applies makeup beautifully without leaving any streaks. The F83 Curbed Kabuki has a thick handle that is easy to hold for a more controlled application.

This Sigma Beauty brush is made with Sigmax fibres, it is cruelty-free and can be used for a range of applications from foundation to blush to contour shades.

Foundation Brush Buyer’s Guide

Choosing a foundation brush can be daunting as there are so many options on the market. The best makeup brushes help to make the application process easier and more enjoyable, having a makeup brush that is low quality or not suitable for your application technique is frustrating and leaves a lot to be desired. You can have the best foundation in the world but you still need to select the best foundation brushes to compliment this. Below are some key factors to think about when choosing between foundation brushes.

Size and shape

Choose a brush that suits your face shape and requirements. Find the angle and brush shape that best suits you. The most common foundation brush shapes include:

  • Rounded – a rounded brush is a great all-round option that can handle all foundation types. The bristles tend to be short-medium and it’s perfect for patting and buffing movements.
  • Paddle – paddle brushes are a great liquid foundation brush, the bristles vary in length from short edges to a longer centre that forms a slight point. These brushes tend to be good for those hard to reach areas and are good for downward strokes, patting and feathering.
  • Flat – flat brushes are good for applying powder foundations. The blunt edge is great for patting, buffing, stippling and achieving an airbrushed look.
  • Angled – angled brushes are versatile and can be a straight, harsh angle or a softer, more rounded angle. They are one of the best foundation brushes for blending as well as for contouring.



Synthetic bristles are more common and more popular, they are easier to clean and less expensive. Natural bristles can also trigger allergic reactions in people who are allergic to animal dander or pet hair.

The brush should be soft and dense, if the bristles are harsh they will leave streaks and patches in your application. The handle needs to be strong and durable, common handle materials include wood and bamboo.


Additional Considerations

Coverage: Are you looking for a brush that helps with full coverage or light coverage? Different brush sizes, styles and bristle densities offer different results. How you apply foundation and the coverage you are aiming for are both very important factors in selecting a face brush.

Foundation Type: Are you using liquid, cream or powder foundation? The foundation type you use may be more evenly applied when using a certain brush type, keep this in mind when you are choosing between foundation brushes.

Ease of Cleaning: Keeping your foundation brushes clean is important for hygiene and to prevent bacteria growth. Usually, brushes can be cleaned with lukewarm water and a brush cleaner or soap. Make sure the brush you pick can be easily cleaned and will not drop bristles during the cleaning process.

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