The Best Electric Kettle in Australia for 2020

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Electric Kettles can be the best way to make your perfect cup of tea or coffee on a cold day. However, with so many options on the market, it can be hard to find the product that is right for you.

In this article we break down everything from high tech heat settings, to new safety features to help you find the Electric Kettle that best meets your specific needs.

1. Cuisinart CPK-17A Programmable Kettle

Cuisinart CPK-17A Programmable Kettle, Stainless Steel

Cuisinart has always maintained a commitment to creating innovative kitchen appliances while also educating consumers on the art of cooking. The Programmable Kettle fits perfectly into this model with its multi-temperature functions so coffee or tea connoisseurs alike can make the perfect cup, every time.

It’s sleek, stainless design fits perfectly into any modern or transitional kitchen decor. The cordless function allows you to take the kettle with you to the table for tea or wherever else you need your hot water at hand.

2. Kambrook Aquarius BPA Free KAK60

Kambrook Aquarius Kettle, 1.7 Liter, White KAK60WHT

Kambrook is an Australian based company that sets out to enhance the life of consumers with everyday products. As far as basic, affordable kettle models are concerned, the Kambrook Aquarius offers exactly what you are looking for in your kettle. It boils water quickly and is built for easy cleanup.

3. Sunbeam Café Series Kettle

Sunbeam has designed the Cafe Series Kettle with young families in mind. There is a feature to serialize water, as well as temperature control that is perfect for mixing formula. Its quiet technology will not disturb the house while running, and its modern design will fit perfectly into any kitchen.

4. Sunbeam London Collection Pot Kettle

Sunbeam London Collection Pot Kettle, Blue

Sunbeam’s London Collection Pot Kettle is a modern twist on a classic design. With the look of a traditional kettle, it offers all of the perks of modern technology with a faster boil and several colour options to match your kitchen decor.

5. Russell Hobbs Addison Digital Kettle

Russell Hobbs Addison Digital Kettle, RHK510

The Russell Hobbs Addison Digital Kettle promises to allow customers to brew the perfect cup of coffee or tea any time of day. The stainless design fits into any modern kitchen effortlessly and the variable temperature settings provide the perfect amount of technology and convenience.

Multiple temperature controls allow the customer to brew their coffee or tea exactly to their individual liking while digital controls provide precision accuracy in boil settings.

Electric Kettle Buyers Guide

Kettles have come a long way since they were first designed to simply sit over a heating element of a stove and boil water. Designs made today allow for a variety of heating options, modern styles, and are much quieter than those from your grandma’s kitchen. When choosing the right kettle for your needs there are a lot of options to take into consideration.

Heat Settings

The heat settings of electric kettles come from simply turn on & boil, to temperature selection for very specific types of beverages. Tea & coffee lovers might prefer options that allow for settings to vary between black tea, green tea, and coffee.

Those on a budget who simply want a warm cup on a cold day might opt for a design that turns on and just boils the water to the same temperature every time. Some models even offer a “keep warm” feature, which allows the water to stay at the hot temperature for up to 30 minutes after it has stopped heating.

Noise Level

When one thinks of a kettle, often you imagine the whistling pot on top of the stove. Newer models have heating elements specifically designed to reduce the sound made by the kettle. For families with varying wake up times, or younger ones who nap, the quiet functions can be invaluable to their day-to-day lives.


Kettles are designed to boil water, and older models that sit on a stove can get very hot, causing burns and kitchen accidents. Newer models offer features such as “auto shut-off” so that it stops heating the water after it has reached its boiling point. They also have lids that stay tightly shut unless a release button is pressed.


Electric kettles can heat water much faster than stovetop models, allowing those in a hurry to make their cup and go. They also have models that are cordless or have the cord only attached to the base, allowing the actual kettle to travel through the kitchen or home for easier refills.