The Best Bed Frames in Australia

The Best Bed Frames in Australia

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A bed frame is often the centrepiece of a bedroom, providing a strong base for a comfy mattress and a beautiful aesthetic that sets the tone for the space.

If you’re looking for the best base for your bed, we’ve got some great inspiration for you with a range of frames we think are worth a look:

Ecosa Bed Base

If you love a gorgeous, simple aesthetic then you’ll appreciate the simple design of the Ecosa bed frames. With four slim legs supporting the frame, and a simple rectangle headboard, the design is best for most bedroom styles.

That’s not to say that it doesn’t stand out though, as the frame is made from solid American ash timber which means each bedframe is unique with gorgeous natural grain patterns.

The simplicity of the Ecosa doesn’t detract from its innovation. There’s extra storage space on a shelf fitted behind the headboard, and underneath the bed too.

If you’re also impressed by eco-credentials when it comes to your furniture you’ll love that the solid wood frame is finished with eco-friendly Osmo oil.

The Ergoflex Premium Bed Base

The Ergoflex is a premium mattress support with a lot to offer homeowners with great design, style and customisation options.

The quality of the product cannot be questioned with sustainably sourced wood used to create the bed frame, a hand-upholstered finish, and a guarantee the product was made in Australia.

To further your ability to ensure the frame suits your home, it is highly customisable. You can have a low or high foundation base, choose from different headboards, fabric colours and feet – the possibilities are vast.

The Ergoflex is designed to be a great upholstered bed base for your mattress which you can then customise to ensure it perfectly fits your needs.

Zinus Suzanne Metal and Pine Wood Platform Bed Frame

Zinus Suzanne Queen Metal and Pine Wood Platform Bed Frame with Headboard | Mattress Base Support Wooden Slat Black Steel Ironline Industrial

The Zinus Suzanne platform bed combines metal and wood to create a strong aesthetic to suit modern bedrooms and any colour scheme.

The bed is extremely strong with a steel frame and wooden slats to support your mattress. The Zinus platform bed frames are also easily assembled in a matter of minutes, giving you more time to complete the look with a high quality mattress and bedding.

If you hate your mattress moving around easily throughout the night, the foam padded tape that sits on the slats will be a welcome design addition.

Bono Custom Storage Bed Frame

If you struggle with storage in your bedroom then the Bono custom storage beds could be a great choice for your home.

The bed has been made to hold a wide variety of storage options including: gas-lift and compartmental optional, with further customisation beyond those choices too.

Suitable for both foam box spring mattresses, the Bono also comes in a wide range of colours and fabric types so there’s no need to compromise on the look of the bed frame just because it has so much to offer in the way of practical design features.

Koala Timber Bed Base

If you’re looking for frames that have it all then the Koala could be the right choice for you. It boasts one smart storage system that cannot be seen from eye-level when you walk around the room once the bed is dressed.

The aesthetics of the bed are also fantastic with a floating bed illusion that increases the overall space that your bedroom appears to have.

There’s also the innovative feature of the outer rim which can hold your devices or a nighttime book. There’s even a cable management hole for additional minimalism and tidiness. You really do get a lot for the price with the Koala.

If you get stuffy in bed you will love the beds special ventilation system which helps promote the best airflow through your mattress.

Noa Home Sunrise Bed Frame

The Sunrise is an elegant white bed frame that utilises a simple headboard-free design and minimalist but strong base for your mattress.

If you like a super-sleek finish to your bedroom with the best clean lines and practical furniture, you’ll appreciate the design of the bed frame.

Conscious shoppers will be pleased to know that the easy to assemble frame is made using FSC certified MDF.

Zinus Trisha Steel Metal Bed Frame

Zinus Trisha 18cm Steel Queen Bed Frame | Strong Metal Frame, Quality Timber Slats, Easy Assembly, 5 Year Warranty - Black

The Zinus is one great metal frame for minimalist and refined bedrooms. There is no headboard so your quilt and pillows are free to do all the talking, when it comes to the visual impact of your furnishings.

If you appreciate durability, you’ll also love that the Zinus Trisha has multiple design features that support its strength such as thick wooden slats, a reinforced centre beam and foam padded tape to prevent mattress movement.

If you aren’t very handy with DIY or you don’t have the patience for finicky construction you will love that the bed uses no tools for assembly, which should take a matter of minutes.

Louise Custom Timber Low Bed Frame

If you hate canopy beds and love simplicity and a great price, then this product could be the one for you.

The Louise Custom frame is available in a wide variety of timber stain colours so you can ensure it matches the bedroom or spare room you’re placing it in. The design is also simple and elegant, fitting with any modern bedroom layout.

The frame is the best bed option for renovations or home upgrades that could do with some high-quality affordable additions to cap the overall price of the spend.

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Noa Home Sunset Bed Frame

The Noa sunset bed frame is incredibly smart with a simple but effective low-to-floor design. With super slim leg supports and wide edging, once the bed is dressed you can’t see the legs, which adds to the illusion of extra space in your bedroom.

If you appreciate a high-quality finish to your bed frames, you’ll love the walnut veneer and rich wood-grain headboard which looks fantastic in any modern bedroom.

If you are a conscious shopper, the FSC certified wood the bed frames are made of is definitely a plus point for this product.

Bed Frame FAQs

What is the point of a headboard?

Headboards were originally added to protect those in the bed from drafts in low-insulation buildings. These days they tend to prevent pillows from slipping behind the bed, and enhance the overall aesthetic of the furniture.

Are metal bed frames good?

A metal bed frame can be just as effective as a wooden frame. As with all furniture, if it is high quality and designed well, metal can be a great material for a bed frame.

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