The Best Air Fryer in Australia for 2020

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Air fryers can be the best way to get foods crispy and delicious without adding extra fat or calories. However, with so many varied options on the market, it’s easy to get confused about which products are great and which are duds. Does that sound like you?

Scroll down to see our hand-picked list of the best air fryers on the market today.

After our air fryer reviews, we list the key things you’ll want to watch out for when choosing one to ensure you don’t end up with a sub-quality product.

1. Philips Premium Digital Airfryer (Top Pick)

If you have money to burn, Philips makes the best air fryer for you. It has a mode that lets you save your favourite recipe and a keep warm mode when you finish cooking but aren’t ready to serve.

Thanks to the smart sensing technology, it can adjust the cooking time and the temperature based on what you cook.

2. Taste the Difference Air Roaster HD15

With eight preset buttons, this air fryer is ready to work right out of the box. Pressing any of those buttons lets the machine do the work for you. All you need to do is add your ingredients.

It has a large capacity and a digital screen, which are two features not usually available in affordable models.

3. Tefal Fry Delight FX1000

Tefal is a name that you can trust, especially when it comes to home appliances such as this air fryer.

With a temperature range of 150 to 200 degrees, it can handle all your favourite recipes and snacks. It cooks quickly and can put out chips in just 15 minutes, which includes the time it takes to preheat.

4. Philips Airfryer Digital TurboStar

Philips Airfryer Digital TurboStar with QuickClean Basket & Non-Stick Surface, 1425W, 0.8kg, Black, HD9643/17

Philips appears a second time on the list of the best air fryers in Australia with the Turbostar. It comes with a nonstick basket that both keeps food from sticking and lets you clean the machine in 90 seconds or less. You can use one mode to keep foods warm and choose from four pre-sets to cook dishes.

5. Healthy Choice 1400 Watts Electric Airfryer

Healthy Choice 3.5 liter 1400 watts Black Electric Air Fryer

With a good temperature range and a nonstick basket, this is a good air fryer for most homes. The drawer on the front detaches from the fryer as does the basket for convenient cleaning. It also features simple knobs that let you set the temperature and cook time without worrying about using a digital screen.

Air Fryers Buying Guide

How Does an Air Fryer Work?

An air fryer is similar to a convection oven in terms of how it works. It has a fan usually located in the bottom that blows hot air up and around your food. This cooks the food from all sides at the same time to reduce the time that you spend in the kitchen. Oil-free air fryers do not require any type of fat or oil. They get food just as crispy as your hob does but won’t increase the temperature in your kitchen.

What Can You Make in an Air Deep Fryer?

Almost anything that you can make in an oven, you can make in an air fryer. This includes:

  • French fries and chips
  • Chicken
  • Wings
  • Fish

You just need to adjust the temperature and the cooking time to make sure that the foods come out crispy and golden. Though foods are crisp on the outside, they’re moist and juicy on the inside.

What Should You Look for in a Hot Air Fryer?

1. Type

One thing to consider is the type of air deep fryer that fits your needs. Most are either round or shaped like an egg. The rounded sides reduce the footprint of the appliance and let it take up less space on your counter. A basket with an attached handle slides in and out of the machine.

Air fryer ovens are a little different. They have racks inside that let you cook multiple dishes at the same time. You can open the door and rearrange or remove the racks too. There are also convection ovens designed to fit on your counter. Convection ovens let you make garlic bread without pulling out your toaster. Some models can even function as a rotisserie for cooking chicken and turkey.

2. Size

The most important thing to consider when choosing from all the oil-free air fryers is the size or capacity. Many inexpensive models have a 3.5 litre capacity, which is enough to cook nearly a full bag of frozen chips. If you have a large family or like making multiple dishes at once, go with an air fryer that can hold more.

3. Knobs and Controls

You also want to consider the knobs and controls on the front. Though some prefer digital controls, others like models with manual knobs. Digital controls let you press buttons to use different modes and set the cooking temperature or time. With manual knobs, you need to turn each one to make your adjustments.

4. Pre-Sets

It’s also helpful to look at deep air fryers in terms of the pre-sets available. Those settings let you press one button to perfectly cook different dishes. The machines will adjust the settings based on what you want to cook.

Air Fryer Kmart

If you’re in the market for an affordable air fryer, you may find what you’re looking for at Kmart. 

At the time of publishing, Kmart stocks two air fryers, both produced under their home brand, Anko.

These products seem to get fairly positive customer reviews and are at a great price point. If you’re looking for value for money the Kmart Air Fryers could be a great option.

This will also appeal to those who want to head out to their local store and take a look at the product in person before making a purchase.

Air Fryer Big W

Big W currently stocks a small range of air fryers from brands Phillips, Printetti, and Kambrook. They come at a slightly higher price point that those at Kmart, with all appliances being in between $100 and $200.

They stock a good range of Phillips products, which are recognised as some of the best on the market, so it’s certainly not a bad idea to check out the range of air fryers at your local Big W.

Air Fryer Target

Target stock a small range of air fryers from brands Bellini, Tefal, and Sunbeam. Tefal are another brand with a reputation for producing solid air fryers so the Tefal Easy Fry is likely your best bet if you choose to purchase from Target.

They also stock an unbranded 1.5L Snack Air Fryer for $49 which may suit those on a budget or looking for a one-person machine.