Bedroom Storage Ideas You’ll Love

Our bedroom is our own personal sanctuary that should feel comfortable and personalised. With our busy lives and ever-changing schedules, our personal space is often one of the first areas to suffer when it comes to staying organised and free of clutter.

It’s hard to keep up with the best organisational methods, when we’re constantly on-the-go or distracted by other, more pressing life issues. But it can be much more manageable if we make the time to implement some of these highly effective small bedroom storage ideas into our day to day lives.

Simple and cost-effective storage solutions can transform our bedroom from feeling crowded and overwhelming to organised and clean.

Wardrobe Storage

Keeping our wardrobe organised doesn’t have to be such a chore. With the right organisational methods, you’ll be able to find any piece of clothing in an instant without feeling overwhelmed.

Consider organising your clothes by style and colour. Organising clothing by colour scheme can help us visually take note of the options that are available when choosing an outfit. It also allows us to find clothes quickly and easily. 

Organising clothes by style is another simple way for us to know what we have and find exactly what we’re looking for. Keeping each type of clothing separate reduces the feel of chaos and clutter in our wardrobe.

Drawer storage

Not all types of clothing are efficiently stored by hanging them in a wardrobe. Some items are more accessible when stored in drawers. This allows for easy access to what you need and the best utilisation of a small space. 

Drawers allow for you to save space and consolidate clothing (and other items) that might otherwise be bulky and in the way. Drawers are a great item to use in closets, on top of desks, nightstands, and even dressers. They also prevent smaller and loose items from getting lost.

Check out stores like IKEA and Bunnings Warehouse for drawers that match the style and colour scheme of your bedroom.

Hanging Storage

Ever run out of space in your closet to hang the items you want to hang? Hanging storage compartments are a great way to utilise space and still see exactly what items you have available to you. 

This can be a great storage solution for shoes, belts, bags, and bulkier items like sweatshirts, scarves, and jackets. Simply fold or place each item in its respective compartment and you’ll easily be able to browse your closet options.


The incorporation of shelves is another great way to utilise the most space possible while refraining from causing a cluttered appearance. Shelves can help you easily organise clothing or other bedroom items like books, cosmetics, trinkets, etc.

You can also customise the appearance of your shelves and make this storage solution a stylish addition to your bedroom design. With a variety of styles, colours, and sizes, shelves can provide organisation and storage as well as aesthetic appeal.

Consider installing shelves around the perimeter of your bedroom for a stylish yet savvy way to display and store items. Customisable shelves can be found at home furnishing stores and offer a fast and easy installation.

Underneath the Bed

Storing items underneath your bed, whether they be clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, or other miscellaneous items, is a great way to utilise the space you’re working with without taking away from the design of your bedroom.

You can find storage bins of all shapes and sizes at places like Bunnings Warehouse or other home good stores that match the amount of space you have available. This can be a great way to store out of season clothes or items that you don’t need readily available for use every day. 

Doing more with less

Doing more with less is the goal when trying to utilise a small space in the best way possible.

Aside from trendy storage solutions and structures that help organise the items you have, you may also want to consider sorting through your belongings and donating what is no longer useful. This way, the space you’re utilising for storage can be used by items you know you’ll use. 

When working with smaller spaces, it’s important to only hold onto the items that matter. We as humans are quick to hold onto items that may not necessarily deserve the space they take-up. Not only can donating these belongings free up space, it can also help out someone else.

Where to Go for More Ideas

If you’re feeling inspired to take on more storage solution DIY projects, check out retailers that have experience in helping people do just that.

At an affordable price and easy assembly/installation process, stores like IKEA and Bunnings Warehouse can provide you with the proper furnishings necessary to utilise the space in your small bedroom to its fullest capacity. 

Whether your main goal is to achieve a stylish aesthetic or to utilise space as practically as possible, these types of retailers can provide you with the resources to achieve both.

Remember, when furnishing, organising, and decorating a small bedroom, it’s important to get as creative as possible. Whether that includes colour coordinating your wardrobe, implementing drawers whenever possible, using hanging storage systems, or adding style with the use of shelves, the appearance you’re looking for can most certainly be achieved.

Happy organising!

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