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Looking for a way to spruce up your bedroom with a touch of style and class? Consider incorporating a bedroom chair into your new or existing bedroom layout. With a variety of options, sizes, colours, and styles, the right bedroom chair can tie together any theme or décor. 

So, what exactly should you look for when choosing the best chair? It helps to become familiar with what options are available and what features they can provide. There is a multitude of chair styles which include:

Types of Bedroom Chairs

occasional chairs

As described in the name, occasional chairs are only used, well, occasionally, but can still provide functionality in a room. These chairs are typically more of an accent piece that pull attention as well as tie together a colour scheme or theme. 

Often, occasional chairs act as accent pieces to provide a contrasting design.

arm chairs

An armchair is simply a chair with arms for support but can act as so much more. Armchairs are not limited to their own category and can work as functional seating or accent pieces.

Accent chairs

Accent furniture is a different style than the rest of your furniture because it exists for the sole purpose of appearance. Accent chairs almost always contrast the colour scheme or style of a room and draw attention to their colour or pattern. Functionality is not the main purpose but they can still serve as seating. 

Choosing A Bedroom Chair

Depending on the style you’re going for, here are some excellent options and examples to help narrow your search for the perfect bedroom chair.

Neutral Armchairs


If you prefer a simply designed and classic chair to match a variety of colour schemes, choosing an armchair like the Abel Armchair from Zanui could be an excellent choice or example of what to look for.

This linen armchair is finished with double-buttoned upholstery and provides classic lounge features. This style of armchair has high armrests and wider dimensions which give it the effect of being comfortable, inviting, and functional. 

Not only can this armchair double as a reading chair but it can also work well as an accent chair depending on the colour scheme and layout of your bedroom.


The Mercer + Reid Kensington Chair is another wonderful armchair that is classically designed but also has its own unique and subtle touches. It’s made of 100% polyester and is available in two different color options.

With very little required upkeep, this armchair would function well in an area that it receives plenty of use. This bedroom chair can also work well as a reading chair in a cozy corner.

Accent Chairs

The best accent chairs are those that have their own unique properties to draw attention to their design while still being able to tie together a room. The Replica Barcelona Chair is a beautiful and classic option that does just that.

Its vintage appearance makes it not only an accent chair but also a replica chair, replicating designs of a 1929 model. It is made with soft, high-quality leather and has a slight recline.

Nothing catches the eye quite like a dramatic pop of red. If your bedroom will allow for a red accent chair, the Toni Crimson Chair is an excellent choice to consider.

This bedroom chair will surely draw interest with its solid oak wood legs and padded foam upholstered cushions that are designed in a beautiful crimson red colour. Because the legs are so strong, this accent chair can also provide functionality. 

Occasional Chairs

Occasional chairs can be an ideal option if you’re looking for a chair that adds an element of style to the room while still remaining functional.

The Elise Chair is a gorgeous, beautifully designed bedroom chair that would work best with a neutral colour scheme and is offered in six different fabric colours.

 This chair has metallic button detailing and strong wooden legs to make it pop.

Bedroom chair reviews Australia

The Pau Chair is a wonderful choice if you’re looking for something elegant. This aesthetically pleasing chair is offered in 8 different colours to ensure that it will match just about any colour scheme you’re looking to achieve.It is made to order which means it will be made with the utmost quality. 

This uniquely constructed chair will draw attention in any room, without a doubt. Not only does it have a classy appearance, but it also provides functionality. This occasional chair can also double as a reading chair that will bring any bedroom to life.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the ideal bedroom chair can be an overwhelming task with a variety of options and designs. When it comes to making a decision, be sure to explore all of the different chair options from accent chairs and occasional chairs to armchairs. Each type can provide high functionality.

With plenty of different architectural design choices, be sure to know exactly what you want from a bedroom chair in order to make the best decision. Bedroom chairs are an excellent way to tie together the layout of your room and draw attention to an aesthetically pleasing piece of furniture, all in one.

Knowing and understanding different types of chairs and what they can offer will help you to make the best decision that meets your requirements and preferences. 

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