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Renovating bathrooms is a great idea if you want to quickly enhance the functionality, aesthetics, and value of your home. However, it can be really tricky to find inspiration and to know which direction to go in when it comes to the improvements you want to make to this very important room. You may have a whole family to think of when it comes to the inspiration you follow, the design and which bathroom ideas you want to use. With it being such an important room, the practical aspects also have to be spot on.

To help you out on your renovation journey, here are some great bathroom renovation ideas:


Plants clean the air, they freshen up the aesthetic and they are cheap. That makes them the perfect option for a quick bathroom improvement.

Mother In Laws Tongue, Orchids and Spider Plants all thrive in the moist bathroom environment. For additional inspiration, why not play with the idea of hanging plant holders to experiment with levels and visual layering.

Let There Be Light

Light is one of the most important aspects in any bathroom design. In the day, the natural light makes a bathroom look larger, and clean. In the evening we may want soft lighting for a romantic bath, bright lighting for bathing the kids, or safety lighting for nighttime bathroom visits.

Clearing the windows and cabinets of clutter, using white wall tiling and placing reflective surfaces like mirrors in the bathroom will help. However, there are lots of other ingenious lighting options to consider such as: recessed lighting, contemporary floor lights, bar lights in the cabinets and even multi-coloured waterproof LED lighting.

Also worth keeping in mind is the colours used in your bathroom and how they contribute to the light. If your bathroom is particularly small it will benefit from a light coloured paint such as white or cream. A large mirror can also help make the space feel larger.

Contrasting Tile Grout

We often choose matching grout to the tile tone we are using. For added interest, why not use a contrasting tile grout? White tiles with black grout can create a really beautiful monochrome look to a bathroom and work well on both floors and walls. It is a simple switch, with a big impact.

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Fancy Flooring

The bathroom floor should always be free from carpet because it is not a practical choice for any bathroom design. Instead, tiles are an easy to clean choice that come in a wide range of styles and textures to choose from.

You may be tempted to choose a neutral colour but fancy tiles can also look great. Vintage tiles that are mismatched can look stunning and be a real aesthetic point of interest. Moroccan style tiles can add a similar, attractive aspect to what can often be quite a washed-out room.

Spa Style

Rainforest showerheads, steamers, a double sink, soft towels, reed diffusers and a freestanding spa bath can all create a spa-style in your bathroom. This adds a more luxurious and expensive feel, and makes the bathroom more of a retreat for you when you’ve had a stressful day. Designs like this are ideal for the master bathroom as spa design works well in a larger space.

Suite Upgrades

If you can afford it, a suite switch will make a huge impact on your renovate bathroom functionality and aesthetic. You can renovate your bathroom in many creative ways but if the suite isn’t right, it will bring all your designs and ideas down.

Overall, it costs around $10k to renovate a bathroom, but the cheapest way is to prioritise the switches you make with the suite being the priority. If you’re on a tight budget, completing jobs like tiling yourself can also save a lot of money. You can check out a video on how to tile a bathroom yourself here.

Smart Bathroom Technology

There are some really simple smart technology ideas for the bathroom that will make your bathroom reno really stand out. ECO tech like water-saving taps , toilet and shower accessories can be a great addition to your bedroom as a conscious homeowner. Remote operated bathtub controls and music systems can also be a lot of fun, enabling you to utilise your bathroom in a better way.

Your Bathroom Reno Will Be A Success

With the ideas above, and a lot of creativity, planning, and organisation, you can create bathroom ideas that not only enhance how your bathroom looks, but how you use that space. Try and start with a mood board and by collecting images you like on sites like Pinterest, developing a plan from there. Before long, you’ll have a stunning family bathroom that guests want to emulate in their own homes, and the whole family will love to use.

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