Asko vs Miele Washing Machines

Asko vs Miele Washing Machines

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A good washing machine will save you time, provide great value for money and last you for years.

They are one of the household appliances we all use on a regular basis so choosing a high quality machine that is durable and energy efficient is important.

With all the choice it can be difficult to know which machine is going to be better suited to your needs.

In this Asko Vs Miele washing machine comparison, we take a closer look at two of the best-known brands so it will be easier for you to find one you love.

Brand Comparison


Asko is a Swedish brand with over 60 years of manufacturing experience. They are highly rated for the energy efficiency and reliability of their products.

Asko offers a selection of front loading machines that combine functionality and design with key features such as:

  • Active Drum Technology to provide a more gentle wash.
  • Quattro Suspension System that makes the machines more stable and quieter when in use.

You can generally expect to pay between $1,500 – $2,400 for an Asko machine.

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Miele is a highly reputable German brand that is well known for producing washers of excellent quality.

Miele has over 100 years of experience and manufactures a range of kitchen appliances including ovens and dishwashers.

Their products are not the cheapest but you get what you pay for and you know you will be getting a new machine that is built to last.

Miele frequently earns the top spot when it comes to comparisons and customer satisfaction. They offer a range of front loading machines that boast ease of use, high level performance and reliability.

The Miele models are very efficient which can help you save on energy costs down in the long run.

You can generally expect to pay between $1,500 – $3,400 for a Miele machine.

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Top Rated Product Comparison – Asko W4086C vs Miele WWD120

Now we know a bit of background about both Asko and Miele let’s take a look at some of their popular mid-range machines.

This section first reviews the Asko W4086C and the Miele WWD120 and then directly compares them so you can easily see the differences between them.

Both options present excellent value, quality and durability that will last for years to come but which is better?

Asko W4086C Washing Machine

Energy Rating – 4.5 stars for energy and water (60L/ cycle)
Max Spin Speed – 1600rpm
Warranty – 2 years
Cost – $1599 (at time of publish)
Dimensions – 59.5cm W x 85cm H x 58cm D

This 8KG capacity washer from Asko offers a selection of useful functions and can give you many years of high-quality clothes washing.

It boasts 21 wash programs, giving more than enough versatility for users to set the cycle and time to suit the type of wash needed.

There is also a handy delay start function, users can see how much time is remaining on the countdown timer on the front and there is an option to set optional audible alerts so you know when the cycle has ended too.

The SteelSeal door is cleaner and more hygienic than a traditional rubber door and the steel edging does not catch on fabric making it easier to load and unload items too.

In addition to the door, the Quattro construction helps to reduce vibration and ensure the washer operates quietly.

There are 5 modes that make it easy to customise each cycle to suit your requirements. You can choose between normal, green, intense, speed or allergy.

There is also a cleaning program that makes it really easy to clean any build up in the drum, hoses and other parts of the washer. Just press the button and the machine will do the rest.

The Asko W4086C is sensitive choice endorsed by the National Asthma Council Australia.

Miele WWD120 Washing Machine

Energy Rating – 4.5 stars for energy and water (63L/ cycle)
Max Spin Speed – 1400rpm
Warranty – 2 years
Cost – $1699(at time of publish)
Dimensions – 59.6cm W x 85cm H x 64.3cm D

This 8KG capacity washer from Miele is a sleek, smart design that will look great in any kitchen or laundry room.

This model has a honeycomb drum which is a hexagonal sculptured surface that helps laundry move around gently without damaging the fibres.

It also has Capdosing which is an automatic dosing feature best for use on laundry requiring special treatment such as wool or silk garments.

There are 12 wash programs to choose from including pre-ironing, woollens, denim, shirts and express 20.

Automatic load recognition analyses the current load and uses only the necessary amount of water and electricity to provide the best washing results. AddLoad is really convenient as it lets you add laundry to the cycle.

For efficiency, there is a delay start function. This lets you control when your washing finishes and can help you ensure the laundry finishes when you are at home and lets you take advantage of lower energy charges at night too.

This Miele model has a ProfiEco Motor. This is a maintenance-free motor that helps reduce electricity use and lessen noise for better performance.

Miele Vs Asko: Key Similarities

Energy Rating

Both are great options if you want to save energy and water. They have earned 4.5-star energy ratings for both energy and water consumption.

Delay start

If you would like to take advantage of nighttime energy prices or you want to set the appliance to end when you are at home and can empty it then the delay start function is a must.

Each product offers this delay start ability which can easily be turned on using the control panel at the front.

Warranty Period

New Asko and Miele washers are designed to last for years. They are durable and very good quality so you can expect them to come with some kind of warranty coverage.

With both Miele and Asko a new machine comes with a 2 year warranty. A warranty is important for peace of mind and knowing you are choosing an appliance that will last.

If anything does go wrong in the first 2 years you can save money as the machine will be under warranty so you won’t be out of pocket for it to be sorted. It’s recommended you choose a product with a warranty of 2 years or more.

Miele Vs Asko: Key Differences


Both of these front loading machines are mid-range and there is only $100 price difference between the two brands. At the time of publishing, you can purchase the Asko model for $1599 or the Miele model for $1699.

As they both have the same efficiency rating you can expect to save more or less the same amount on running costs, although the Miele uses slightly more water (3L) per cycle than the Asko.

Number of programs

More choice lets you be more specific about your washer requirements. There are 21 wash cycles on the Asko which is 9 more than the Miele.

Having lots of programs to choose from is seen as an advantage for many but it’s only worthwhile if you would make use of the extra options. Common options include eco, gentle/ delicates, quick/ speed and different materials such as cotton, wool, silk etc.

Spin Speed

The max spin speed for the Asko is 1600rpm which is 200rpm faster than the max spin speed of the Miele.

A faster spin lets you get items cleaner while using a lower water temperature. It can also help get the clothes dryer as a faster spin helps extract water.

If you don’t have a dedicated dryer, a machine with a fast speed can help the items dry quicker as they come out of the machine less damp. With that said, anything over 1000rpm is considered good.

Honeycomb Drum

The Miele appliance boasts a honeycomb drum. This is a top feature as it creates a thin film of water or air between the drum and the laundry. This clever design protects the clothing and provides a more gentle wash.

Thanks to this honeycomb sculpturing garments keep their shape and can last much longer.

Sensitive Choice Endorsed

The Asko washer is Sensitive Choice Endorsed by the National Asthma Council Australia. This makes it a particularly good choice if you have sensitivities or allergy triggers.

The Asko door doesn’t trap dust and dirt like a rubber seal would and it also has an allergy mode to help ensure dirt, dust mites and detergent residue are all thoroughly removed from washing and the machine.


There is barely any difference in the width or height measurements of the two models, the biggest difference is the depth.

The Asko is 58cm which the Miele is 64.3cm in depth. This means the Asko is the better option if you have limited available space.

The slimmer design can fit into tighter spaces and looks more compact while still providing the 8KG drum size.

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Making your selection

Both of these Miele and Asko options are among the best washing machines for energy efficiency, capacity and value for money but which one is better for your home?

Some would argue the Miele has a more attractive design with the clean white panels and user-friendly control dial. There’s no doubt it would look great wherever it’s positioned in the house.

And although Asko seems to offer more for your money in terms of features the Miele model comes with a very strong brand where you can expect high-level performance and premium quality.

Miele WWD120 Washing Machine

Energy Rating – 4.5 stars for energy and water (63L/ cycle)
Max Spin Speed – 1400rpm
Warranty – 2 years
Cost – $1699(at time of publish)
Dimensions – 59.6cm W x 85cm H x 64.3cm D

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With that said, we can see why many people would choose the Asko model too.

The Asko front loader would likely come top of the list if you or someone in your family has allergies or sensitivities as the SteelSeal door and allergy mode help to keep the machine and clothing hygienic. This can save you a lot of troubles and is something that would be beneficial from the very first use.

Other aspects we like about the Asko include the higher spin speed, slimmer chassis and the large number of program options. The Asko costs a bit less to buy so you can save some money too.

Asko W4086C Washing Machine

Energy Rating – 4.5 stars for energy and water (60L/ cycle)
Max Spin Speed – 1600rpm
Warranty – 2 years
Cost – $1599 (at time of publish)
Dimensions – 59.5cm W x 85cm H x 58cm D

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