The best Aqua paint colours for your home

Aqua colours can be perfect for adding a calm and soothing feel to a room, or for bringing a bit of warmth to an otherwise neutral colour scheme.

We appreciate it can be hard to know where to start with interior decorating, so we’ve created this guide to provide you with inspiration for your home and also to give you with an idea of what aqua colours are available to you here in Australia.

Aqua Colour Schemes

Aqua generally goes very well with white and cream shades, so these will be your safest options. 

However you are by no means limited to whites and creams when decorating with aqua – pastel shades of pink, lilac, yellow and peach all work well, as do navy, plum, and orange.

Aqua Colour palette

The colour chart above includes some of the most popular aqua colours used for interior decorating. Greenish-blue in nature, aqua sits close on the colour spectrum to turquoise and teal. There’s also a range of light and dark aqua colours available, depending on your paint supplier.

Aqua Colour Paint

There’s no shortage of aqua coloured paints on the market. Here’s a few great options from Dulux Australia:

Baby Motive by Dulux

Tenzing Brand by Dulux

Lagoona Teal by Dulux

Tapioca by Dulux

Benjamin Moore Aqua Paint

Benjamin Moore is a large American paint company that produces some of the most popular aqua coloured paints on the market.

Unfortunately the paint isn’t available in Australia, however if you take the colour details to any large Australian paint store they should be able to match it.

Here are some of our favourite aqua colours from Benjamin Moore:

Benjamin Moore - JAMAICAN AQUA

Benjamin Moore - fairy tale blue

Sherwin-Williams Paint

While not very well known in Australia, Sherwin-Williams is another massive paint brand from the USA and produces a great range of colours.

While slightly more common than Benjamin Moore, you still may have a hard time finding it in Australia.

Sherwin-Williams Aquatint

Sherwin Williams tame teal

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